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COME BACK TO ME - Happy Birthday techgirl_on_ij


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Title: Come Back To Me
Author: later2nite
Timeline: 309
Summary: None whatsoever -- just romance and porn
A/N: Written as part of the Evil Kinney Girls
birthday project for my dear friend techgirl_on_ij.

It felt so easy to fall into our old routine, Justin's arms draped around my neck and my hands resting firmly on his hips. We had zero need to drop any E; we were hopelessly drowning in ecstasy for all the world to see. It didn't even bother me that my feelings for him were on public display, and I briefly wondered if that should bother me. When he planted a bevy of kisses up and down my neck, the only thing that mattered was that he'd finally come home.

We tenderly kissed like there was no one else in the room, our hands and arms traveling over one another as if we'd just met. Closing our eyes, we basked in our own personal heaven, our need to be us again quietly taking over. I'd missed his body, the perfect complement to mine, the combination of his soft, supple skin and his semi-hard dick daring me to fuck him right there.

"Maybe we should go back to your place," he warned when I'd led him off the dance floor toward the cover of darkness to do just that. "Everyone's saying there are undercover cops everywhere."

I scanned the vicinity for ill-fitting faces, brushing my fingertips lightly up his bare arm. "Fuck! That's what makes it hot!" I said, dragging him from the entrance of the back room into the bowels of Sex Central.

Justin found us a place along the crowded wall, pulling my lips to his as he turned around in my arms. Pushing my shirt from my shoulders, his tongue found its home between my lips. His arms wound around me as I shoved my thigh between his legs and pressed it into his now rock-hard cock. Humping my leg unabashedly, he sucked on my tongue as if he'd missed me or something, the wet spot on the front of his jeans soaking through to mine. Embedding his throbbing erection into my femur because he just couldn't stop himself, the first spurt of cum creamed his crotch. I held him during his orgasm, my boyfriend coiled around me so tightly I thought he'd never let go.

"Well, that was fucking hot," I said softly in his ear, my stature sinking down and molding itself onto him. Tuning out the world, we existed in our own private one. "I'm gonna fuck you all night long."

"Please," Justin moaned, sheepishly grinning up at me.

To the causal onlooker, it might have seemed as though our reunion had returned us soundly to where we'd left off, yet nothing could have been further from the truth. We found ourselves in deeper than we'd ever been, Justin back where he belonged and me unafraid to admit that I loved him.


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