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Title: Free To Come Home
Author: later2nite
Summary: Alternate ending to 304
(AKA another attempt by me to rewrite the show.)
A/N: Written for the Evil Kinney Girls birthday project for galehot
Happy birthday, Carmen. Hope your day was filled with happiness and love.
My sincere apologies that this is late. RL and I are having some issues right now.

I hold my breath and tie Brian's bracelet onto his wrist, every drop of energy in both of us directed toward restraint. He'd take me in a heartbeat - on the floor, on the sofa, in the shower - if only I'd send out the tiniest signal that I want it. And I do want it. Want him. I can't keep pretending that he hasn't been starring in my dreams and occupying my every waking moment since the day I left him for "romance." Ha! The absence of rightness swallows me whole when I think of the situation I've dumped us in.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to your boyfriend?" he asks, one eyebrow raising in unmistakable KinneySpeak. Shouldn't you be getting back to ME?, he really means, the mental telepathy we've always shared keener than ever.

Yes, I should! I want to scream. I want his lips on mine and an end to this charade. "Yeah," I mutter instead. Because apparently I'm brain damaged beyond repair.

Brian senses I'm ready to jump ship and swim back to him any minute, the open door I find when I glance back from the stairwell all the encouragement I need to step through it. "Brian, I'm sor-" I get the word only halfway out and then he smothers me with his mouth, the pain I've caused us during the past few weeks all but forgotten.

"Sorry's bullshit," he breathes in my ear before his tongue finds its home down my throat again. "You were always free to go. So was I."

I blink back a tear, overwhelmed by the love and forgiveness I feel. I could spend the rest of my life in the middle of this kiss, wrapped up in Brian's arms the only place I want to be. "And free to come back?" I whisper when I trust my voice again.

My partner takes my face in his hands, his eyes piercing mine. "Free to come home."


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