December 23rd, 2012

xmas 2



Pic by the amazing bibiherz

I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday season!

Many thanks to my wonderful friends who have sent me goodies in the last few weeks:

techgirl_on_ij for the Christmas gift I received in the mail. (still waiting for xmas morning to open it!)

urugwaj for my own personal Elf Justin: HERE He's so cute!

fancypantsdylan, meggi63, penny_sieve, and landlady_4rent for the Christmassy V - gifts on my profile page. They look so pretty!

guavejuice and emelwhy for the E cards, each of them a lovely rendition of The Sugarplum Fairy.

First we have the traditional version one associates with that holiday song: HERE

And now we have The Randish Elves Hip Hop Crew's version: (Yes, it's Randy - check it out!) HERE

Being the dance freak that I am, I'm equally mesmerized with both renditions!

rockie2010, guavejuice, pam81, and mander3_swish for the Christmas cards that came in the mail
and the beautiful hand-drawings and shiny pics of Brian and Justin that were in them!

And now for the awesome Evil Kinney Girls key ring that Pam had specially made for us. I love it!

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