June 13th, 2013


Linda rambles on and on and on (and on) about the con . . .


Hi, F List!!! It's great to be back home and on LJ again. I attended the con on Sunday and thought I'd post my thoughts/impressions/memories in case anyone is interested.

It was very awesome to see friends again I'd met last summer when I traveled back East to see Randy in Silence and QWAN (narbeleth88, wirthwoman, Kim predec2, and Rory galeandrandy) as well as room with my good friends toto_too514 and rockie2010.

I met a lot of LJ friends in person for the first time, which was absolutely thrilling: Pam pam81 and Steffi soulmatejunkee, my fellow Evil Kinney Girls, q_dicted, techieturnover, wrstlgirl, jule2009, bigj52, and sabina1956, who worked her butt off as a volunteer at the con and who also made the beautiful banner for me on my page at Moonshadow Tribe last year. It's uncanny how the QAF bond makes instant friends! I hope to meet up with all of you again someday.

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