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Omaha, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte - October 11 - November 13 spotify - alan cumming and broadway cast Inside Cabaret, background and analysis by Scott Miller - tour schedule ~~~~  photo newicon_zps9cz0np1e.png ~~~~  photo emote_zpssyxuaujz.png

 photo 4d2b4a25-3e9c-4c46-9096-22167e9c0932_zpsbiyz8cwm.jpg photo 0c0a184d-b6a8-440d-abbc-2c8b0e57469d_zpsv17w3hwl.png photo 57897840-c408-4f24-b849-0235aadb1c1f_zpskaclfmwl.jpg

Emcee: 20+, All Ethnicities
an androgynous, hyper-sexual entertainer who embodies Berlin in the 1930’s.
Seeking a superb actor/singer/dancer.


November 13 - loading out of Belk Theater

 photo joe_zpspy8inun8.png

 photo j1_zpsdxrhqnhy.png

 photo j2_zpspjpx38cj.png

November 11 - Kim sees the show in Charlotte

 photo with isabel crews_zpsj46oylro.png

 photo kim pic_zpsoa0cnj7q.png

November 10

 photo charlotte_zps0vfmg7ml.jpg

November 9 - article

November 9 - article

November 8 - Randy votes for Hillary

 photo vote_zps3gg4osf3.jpg

November 8 - Belk Theater, Charlotte, N.C.

November 8 - set going up in Belk Theater

November 7 - Leeds teaches Mein Herr


November 5 - matinee bows

 photo sat matinee curtain call_zpsga31pluv.png

November 3 - Taurus Lovely - cabaret drummer

November 3 - article

November 3 - article

November 3 - article

November 2 - Cast party at STK Atlanta and birthday celebration

Encore Atlanta added 29 new photos to the album: Cabaret Cast Party — with STK (Atlanta) and 5 others at STK (Atlanta).
9 hrs ·
We had a fantastic evening last night celebrating Cabaret the Musical at STK! The cast, crew, Broadway In Atlanta, and Broadway patrons came together for a great time.
Special thanks to our hosts, STK, for putting together the perfect atmosphere, delicious food and even a Belvedere Vodka Kit Kat Cocktail! And to Greene Worldwide Transportation for getting us there in style.
If you haven't seen the show yet, get yourself to The Fox Theatre. This show is not to be missed!

 photo bday2_zpslkmxesi1.jpg

 photo bday3_zpsxumkz2qs.jpg

 photo bday_zpshl0uxz2a.png

 photo bday4_zpstvmp06se.jpg

 photo bday1_zpsqrrif1yc.jpg

 photo bday6_zps3nkuxao7.png

 photo bday7_zpsoesvhtz9.png

 photo bday5_zpsbnsokolg.jpg

November 2 - talks at Pace Academy

Pace Academy added 2 new photos.
8 hrs ·
A big thanks to actor and alumnus Randy Harrison '96 for stopping by the Fine Arts Center this afternoon to speak to Pace performers! Randy is headlining the national Broadway tour of Cabaret the Musical at the The Fox Theatre through the weekend! #PaceArts

 photo pace acad_zpssdwnyrdh.png

 photo pace_zpskmuba0qy.png

 photo pace academy_zpswuslicv9.png

November 2 - Out on Film sponsored Q and A

 photo out on film_zpslr3rjomm.png

 photo out on film1_zpsmmk6bpdr.png

 photo out on film_zps313cenvs.jpg

 photo q and a_zpsqjegtjpq.png

 photo qanda_zpsbavqcn5b.png

November 2 - Randy and Alison TV news show

 photo atl tv_zpslmw8nhri.png

 photo atl_zps8isudgdu.png kin's screen caps

November 2 - atrticle

Posted: 12:03 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

It would require a pronounced suspension of disbelief to ever truly mistake the spacious grandeur of Atlanta’s Fox Theatre for the decadent hole-in-the-wall that is meant to be the Kit Kat Klub of 1930s Berlin.

Not to be confused with any other iterations of the 1966 John Kander/Fred Ebb musical, Broadway in Atlanta’s current presentation of the national touring company version of “Cabaret” is specifically based on director Sam Mendes’ 1993 London revival, which was originally staged at the 250-seat Donmar Warehouse, before it was remounted by co-director Rob Marshall for New York’s Roundabout Theatre in 1998, housed in a 1,000-seat venue at Studio 54, the former 1970s discotheque.

If anything gets lost in translation at the 4,600-seat Fox, it isn’t the spectacular Broadway-scale production values we’ve come to expect from such road shows, but rather the cloistered nightclub atmosphere that might lead audiences to feel they were right in the thick of things. After all, to borrow the refrain from the famous title tune, life is a cabaret; life is an enormous theater auditorium doesn’t have quite the same ring or sense of intimacy to it.

Joe Masteroff’s script for the musical was initially adapted from a 1950s play by John Van Druten called “I Am a Camera,” which was in turn based on Christopher Isherwood’s 1930s novella “Goodbye to Berlin.” The story primarily involves an aspiring American novelist, Clifford Bradshaw, and his romance with a vivacious British chanteuse named Sally Bowles.

The bulk of the show takes place amid the bohemian underworld of the Kit Kat Klub, where Sally performs, alongside a seedy and insinuating Emcee and his scantily clad chorus of other singers and dancers. At first, the musical numbers seem innocuous (or salacious) enough, but they increasingly begin to comment on or allude to some of the ominous social and political turmoil brewing just outside the club, as Hitler and the Nazi party are coming to power.

Theatergoers who are only familiar with “Cabaret” from Bob Fosse’s popular 1972 movie will be surprised to discover whole songs and subplots that were excised in the transition from stage to screen. To wit, on this tour, directed by BT McNicoll, Mary Gordon Murray and Scott Robertson beautifully portray the late-blooming, ill-fated courtship between a lonely boardinghouse owner and a Jewish fruit vendor. (Whole other songs were added to the film, which was skewed as a star vehicle for Liza Minnelli’s Sally.)

But even those who have seen the original stage musical may be in for a few shocks. The Mendes version is decidedly kinkier — mainly pertaining to a lot of sexual innuendo on the part of the Emcee and his Kit Kat Girls (which now also include Kit Kat Boys), in addition to more blatant references to Cliff’s bisexuality (merely hinted at before).

Randy Harrison cuts an undeniably dynamic and masterful figure as the Emcee, and Benjamin Eakeley is excellent as the disillusioned Cliff. At Tuesday’s opening-night performance here, understudy Alison Ewing (stepping in for Andrea Goss) played Sally quite effectively, both musically and dramatically.

And in the shattering climax of the show, at least, you can even appreciate seeing it on a scale you’d get only at the Fox.



Grade: B

Through Nov. 6. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday; 8 p.m. Friday; 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday; 1 and 6:30 p.m. Sunday. $47.45-$116.15. Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta. 1-855-285-8499,

Bottom line: Bigger isn’t always better.

November 1 - article

October 31 - interior Fox Theater, Atlanta

October 31 - exterior Fox Theater, Atlanta


October 29 - matinee

October 28

October 27 - article

October 27 - article

October 26

 photo sa1_zpsea6ghm0v.jpg

 photo sa_zpsnde2i7n7.png

October 26 - article

October 26 - article

October 24

 photo stage_zpsjwdhejuw.jpg

Ben Eakely and Patrick Vaill with Latrice Royale, Majestic Theater

Majestic Theater, San Antonio


October 23

 photo cake_zpszcdc3s7t.jpg

October 22

 photo last show in minn_zpsmtufzwhx.png

October 23 - article

October 21 - article

October 20 - article

October 20 - article

October 19 - article

October 19 - article

October 19 - Minneapolis news at noon

 photo with andrea_zps0pnpyo3q.png

 photo WCCO MIN1_zpsjpaan21i.png photo WCCO MIN11_zpsvb6e4qw6.png screen caps

October 19 - Minneapolis news show interview Jason at 10 am

 photo minn smile_zpsm25v8olr.png

 photo JMP21_zpsuzpv7aqs.png

 photo jason in minneapolis_zps5d4vspvq.jpg screen caps

October 19 - article

October 18 - The Saloon in Minneapolis

 photo saloon_zps5yah57ag.jpg

 photo red shirt_zpspmp2scbd.png photo saloon1_zpsuzblhbuj.jpg photo with mic_zpslizgvis9.png photo drag blue_zpspkwo0f8j.png

 photo red on left_zpsclx6xtem.png photo minn_zpsrhp4lksl.jpg photo min_zps9kuvjccc.jpg

October 18 - cast party in Minneapolis

 photo randp_zpspyopnab8.jpg;sZZeCub6EFEEWJnZujnTGRd~_aZQJZ4lcdKxHEUu4pFxwrPkd5BnSM~;LNWnsmvHnye~;EAdIA18g~-~-.bps.a.10154222686989620.1073741850.8998754619/10154222688134620/?type=3&theater

October 18 - cast party in Minneapolis

 photo r b 2 girls_zpsldnes3ih.jpg;sZZeCub6EFEEWJnZujnTGRd~_aZQJZ4lcdKxHEUu4pFxwrPkd5BnSM~;LNWnsmvHnye~;EAdIA18g~-~-.bps.a.10154222686989620.1073741850.8998754619/10154222688769620/?type=3&theater

October 18

 photo normal_rtc-cabaret-minneapolis-by-lauren-oct-18th-000_zpsg80yhwbq.jpg

 photo rainbow_zps66wkpo2j.png


October 17 - article

October 16 -

 photo omaha_zpsbkstqkai.jpg

October 13 - article

October 13 - article

October 12 - Sarah Bishop and Aisling Halpin teach Willkommen steps in master class

October 12 - article

October 11 - article

October 11 -

Alison's bday during opening night intermission

October 11

timelapse photography of rehearsals for opening night

October 11

 photo normal_rtc-cabaret-omaha-by-omaha-performing-arts-oct-11th-2016-000_zps3xls9fjr.jpg

October 11 - sound check for opening night

 photo orchestra1_zps5qrplgzw.jpg

 photo sound check_zpsnjsswdbf.jpg

Orpheum Theater interior

Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska

 photo omaha_zpskwjupdrv.jpg
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