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Title: Vice Versa
Author: later2nite
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Justin and Daphne are on the brink of becoming parents when Brian enters the picture. An angst-free little AU, comprised of equal parts canon and non-canon. How many twists can you spot, accounting for the title?
A/N: Many thanks to techgirl_on_ij for rising above and beyond the call of a normal beta,
without whose help this fic would literally not have been possible, and whose porny brain rescued it from dullness in several instances.





"What took you so long to answer your phone?"

"I was changing Missy's diaper."

"Where's Daphne?"

"Soaking in a bubble bath. I told her I'd handle the baby for the rest of the night so she could have some time to herself."

"Let me know how feeding time goes."

"Asshole. We're starting to give her some formula in a bottle now."

"What are you wearing?"

"What am I wearing?"

"I want to picture you all spread out on your bed while I tear off your clothes and kiss every inch of your body."

"Cutoffs and a baby spit-up covered tee shirt. Sorry to ruin your fantasy."



"I think Missy's really lucky to have you for a dad."



"I'm here . . . I just . . . I can't wait to see you again, Brian. I know we're meeting for lunch on Monday, but that's three days away."

"So let's see each other before Monday."


"Hell, yeah. How about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Okay. What do you want to do?"

"Why don't you come over to the loft? I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? Is it good or bad? Do I even want to know?"

"Oh, you want to know. I've been planning it ever since I fucked your brains out in my Jeep yesterday."

"Jesus. This is just wrong."


"I'm getting hard, and I'm over here all by myself. Not fair."

"So you'll just have to jerk off thinking about us fucking."

"Yeah, it's not like that hasn't happened about a thousand times already."

"How do you think I survived an entire month while I was looking for you?"

"You jerked off thinking about fucking me?"



"I jerked off thinking about kissing you. Kissing your face. Kissing your lips. Kissing that place on the side of your neck. Kissing your dick. Kissing your ass. Kissing your-"

"Jesus fucking Christ."

"Is anything wrong?"

"I'm standing here washing baby bottles and leaking all over myself."

"The joys of being a teenager."

"Now I've gotta change before Daphne sees me."



"Can you get here early tomorrow?"

"Early Saturday morning at your loft. Getting my surprise. I think I need a cold shower."

"Shit! Michael and Ted are downstairs ringing the buzzer. How about if I let you go and I'll see you tomorrow?"




. . . . .

"Can you get the door, Justin?" Daphne's words are garbled with toothpaste and water when she calls to him from her bathroom. "Tell September I'll be right out."

He greets their friend from high school with Missy in his arms. "Hey, September. Come on in. How's it going?"

"Hi, Justin. Oh, she's such a cutie! I can't believe you guys really had a baby!"

"Yeah, we really did. Daph will be out in a minute. Do you want a cup of coffee? I think there's some left in the pot."

"No, no. I'm good. So how are you guys?"

"We're excellent!" Daphne crosses the living room and hugs one of her closest friends. "Everything happened so fast. The baby, graduation, moving in here. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! Come and sit down."

Justin runs warm water into a small plastic tub and adds a drop of baby wash to make bubbles, giving Missy a bath in the kitchen sink. Then he brings his freshly powdered and dressed daughter down the hall to his room and lays her in the center of his bed. "You be good for your mom. I won't be gone too long." Arming himself with wallet, keys, phone, and cigarettes, he wonders again what kind of surprise Brian's cooked up for him.

"I don't know," he hears Daphne saying when he carries Missy back out to the living room in a football hold. "I don't think they'd appreciate a fussy baby at that nice restaurant."

"What restaurant?"

"Chez Armand's. Some of the girls from school are meeting there for lunch later. But I'll go another time."

"You should go today." Justin's happy that Daphne's friends want her to join them. "Missy can come with me."

Daphne raises one eyebrow. "Are you sure? I can have lunch with them anytime. It doesn't have to be today."

"Here." Justin hands her the baby. "You're going. Just let me get her stuff." He starts to gather everything he'll need to take care of his daughter away from home while September watches.

"Daphne, you're so lucky. I hope I marry someone just like Justin."

. . . . .

Brian checks the time again, wondering what the fuck is taking Justin so long when he finally hears him knock. He slips into his black leather jacket and goes to let him in.

"Oh! Is that . . .? Fuck! It is!" Justin hurtles himself into Brian's arms, the scent and feel of cool, smooth leather bathing his senses. "I can't believe you're wearing this. I go apeshit for leather! How did you know?"

"In my Jeep . . . riding me senseless . . . shouting out praises to the gods of leather . . . any of this ringing a bell?" Brian drags Justin inside, just about to clank the door shut when he sees Missy nestled in her stroller off to the side. "Whoa! You brought the munchkin!"

"Missy!" Justin jolts back into the land of responsible dads. "Yeah, I hope you don't mind. Daphne's friends invited her to a French place for lunch, and I wanted her to be able to go with them." He steers the stroller and diaper bag hanging from its handles inside and parks Missy next to Brian's sofa. "She'll probably stay asleep for awhile. This is her morning nap time."

"My castle is her castle." Brian tries to come up with a Plan B for the day since the original will no longer work. "Do you want anything? Coffee? Guava juice? What about Missy? What does she need?"

Justin sinks down into the couch cushions. "I brought everything with me she'll need, and the only thing I need is you." He kisses Brian when he sits beside him and starts to wiggle out of the jacket. "Leave that on. I need to see you in it longer." Brushing his fingertips over Brian's leather-clad arms, Justin sees the twinkle in his eye.

"I'll sit here and watch Her Majesty while you roam around and explore. I think you'll find the bedroom particularly interesting."

"Explore? What did you do?"

"Go look."

Justin's heading up the steps when Missy stretches and lets out a shriek, apparently having other ideas about a morning nap. "Can you take her out of that stroller? The pacifier is probably somewhere in the blanket."

Brian carefully lifts the baby onto his lap, thankful that she loves his attention and starts to quiet down. He watches Justin step into the bedroom, waiting for his reaction.

"Oh, my God, Brian! Leather shackles!" Justin grabs one of the manacles off of Brian's pillow and fastens it around his wrist. Inhaling its rich, earthy essence, he dreams of Brian tying him to the bed and pounding his ass into the mattress. "You weren't kidding! I love these!"

"Just wait till you're in them." Brian handles Missy quite comfortably, even figuring out how to twist the pacifier around in her mouth to get her to use it the same way Justin and Daphne had. He smiles at the baby and tells Justin to look on the foot of his bed.

Justin picks up a pair of soft chocolate brown leather pants, the feel of them in his hands driving him crazy. "Fuck! Why aren't you wearing these?" Clutching the garment to his chest, he walks back over to Brian on the sofa.

"Look at the size. I didn't buy them for me."

"You bought them for me?!" Justin reads the label inside the waistband, shaking his head. "You're fucking unbelievable! I don't know what to say. I'm hard just thinking about trying them on."

Brian laughs, not doubting their ability to get Justin aroused. "So put them on already."

"I will, but Missy's getting hungry. See how she's rooting around?" Unzipping the baby's bag, Justin takes a bottle, cloth diaper, and single-serving can of formula out of it. "You can feed her while I try them on. I'm gonna use your microwave for thirty seconds, okay? Or I can feed her if you don't want to."

"Bring me the bottle and get those pants on your ass." Brian looks down at Missy in his arms and apologizes to her, committing the very same infraction in the next breath. "I've been thinking about your ass in those pants all morning."

Justin pours the formula into the bottle and heats it up, testing a drop on the inside of his forearm. Then he hands the bottle to Brian along with the cloth diaper. "Put this under her chin to sop up the drips, and you can use it to dab her mouth when the backwash dribbles out."


Justin grabs the leather pants off the sofa. "Do you want my ass in these anytime soon?"

"What's a little backwash?"

"Let her take a short break after she gets half of it down so she can digest it, then give her the rest." Justin makes his way through Brian's bedroom and into the bathroom. "Thanks," he calls out, closing the door.

Before his jeans are around his ankles, Justin's cock is pointing skyward, his underwear conveniently left at home. He steps out of the pile of denim and jerks his hard-on, crushing folds of supple leather in his other hand. If he can't have Brian's cock in his ass or Brian's mouth on his dick, this will have to do. Leaning backward against the basin, he squeezes harder and quickens his pace, shooting a river of semen onto the tiled floor a minute later.

Justin scouts around for something to wipe up the mess at his feet, then he stuffs his now-flaccid penis into the crotch of his new pants. A glance into the bathroom mirror reveals just how dismally his purple tee shirt clashes with the deep brown hue. Taking it off and tossing it on Brian's bed, Justin finds him bonding with Missy over a bottle of Enfamil and a little spewed out backwash. "How's it going out here?" he asks, padding barefoot and shirtless toward them in his skintight leather pants.

"Couldn't be better. I think she adores me."

"Goo," Missy agrees.


Justin laughs, taking another cloth diaper out of Missy's bag. "Let me burp her. I'll show you how for next time." He places the rag over his bare shoulder and takes the baby from Brian, propping her onto it. "You just rub her back upwards a few times and pat her gently so the air in her tummy comes up." Pacing back and forth in front of the sofa, he burps his cooing daughter. "So how do they look on me? They feel like heaven."

"You look fucking hot. Those pants were made for you." Brian can't take his eyes off the outline of Justin's dick hanging to the right, the buttery soft fabric stretching snugly across it and showing every ridge. A twitch between Brian's legs reminds him of something he needs to take care of. "I'll be right back. I forgot I have something for Missy."

Disappearing into his room, Brian opens a few drawers and closet doors before barricading himself in his bathroom, where he can't get to his cock fast enough. The image of half-naked Justin parading around burns a hole through his eyelids as he works on himself fast and hard, exploding to the fantasy of his throbbing cock shoved so far up Justin's ass he'll never find it again.

Relieved and composed a few minutes later, he locates the small pink teddy bear he'd bought the day Missy was born on a shelf in his linen closet and brings it out to her.

"Brian, thank you for doing this. It's so cool." Justin sits on the floor, changing Missy's diaper. "Answering the door in that jacket, the restraints, which I can't wait to get into, these pants . . . all of it. You did it just for me." He smiles at the stuffed animal in Brian's hand. "And you even have something for Missy."

"You like leather. Now I like leather. It's a win-win situation." Brian leans down and holds the teddy bear where Missy can see it. "And I got out of changing her diaper, too. I'm on a roll."

"But look how these sticky tabs on the sides work. I'm sure you're gonna end up changing her one of these days."

"Let's not get carried away."

"For me?"

Brian sits on the floor with Justin. "What sticky tabs?"

. . . . .

"I still wish you would have let me wear my new pants." Justin holds the Liberty Diner's door open while Brian pushes Missy's stroller inside. "I could have borrowed a shirt from you instead of wearing this purple thing with them."

"In this meat market? With you all commando under there? I'd need a squad of attack dogs to keep all the horny homos off of you." Brian gives Justin a kiss on his cheek as forty-three diner patrons turn to watch, all of them wondering how the hell they got trapped in a Twilight Zone episode.

Brian Kinney whipped? There's no way.

Forty-three pairs of eyes track him, his hot twink, and their baby to the table in the back corner, hardly believing what they're seeing. So the rumors are true. God's gift to gay Pittsburgh has been MIA because he met someone. The boy, who can't be more than a day over twenty, certainly doesn't look like a magician.

"Oh! Look who's here! It's Brian and Justin!" Emmett claps his hands in celebration when he sees his friends walking toward him. "You guys can sit with us. Scooch over, Teddy. Make room."

"That's okay, Theodore. We'll sit over on this side, right next to Mikey. You won't mind, will you, Mikey?" Brian slides in to the middle of the bench seat, pulling Justin down with him halfway onto his lap.

Michael takes in the Brian and Justin spectacle, complete with darling baby girl parked at the end of the booth. "Why would I mind? I can get intimate with the wall here so you two can have plenty of room." He scoots his drink over in front of himself, out of their way.

Emmett leans over to get a good look at Missy. "Justin, she's absolutely adorable! Where did you get that precious little dress for her? Torso just received the cutest line of newborn clothes last week. I wish I had one so I could dress it in all the latest styles!"

Michael and Ted are all over that one.

"Yeah, Emmett," Michael says. "All you need to do is find some guy to be the sperm donor."

Ted nods at him. "Then you could dress yourself in all the latest maternity styles."

Brian and Justin laugh and kiss, Justin almost all the way in Brian's lap now while Brian's arms rest on his shoulders. Michael, Emmett, and Ted silently observe, the din in the rest of the place dying down also while the Twilight Zone audience tries to adapt.

Okay, so maybe Kinney's twink is a magician. That's as good an explanation as anyone can come up with as to how the 'fuck 'em and run' king could have been tamed in little more than a month.

Michael sips his Coke. "Christ, Brian. Don't you have a loft two blocks from here?"

Brian tears his face from Justin's with great difficulty. "Just waiting for the princess's mother to come and get her. Then we're outta here."

"I do need to eat first. I'm starving." Justin reaches for the menu and opens it in front of Brian's face. "Want to look at this with me?"

"I've had that thing memorized for twelve years. Deb knows what to bring me."


"My mom," Michael says. "The larger than life redheaded fag hag who waited on us that night we were in here. She must have made an impression on you. Or scarred you for life. One or the other."

Emmett looks over his shoulder. "Speak of the devil . . ."

"Brian Kinney? Is that you? I haven't seen your ass in ages." Debbie smacks her gum as she nears the booth, shocked to discover a sleeping infant next to Justin. She looks at the boy she doesn't recognize. "And who do we have here?"

"Debbie, this is Justin Taylor. My . . . um . . ." Brian clears his throat. "Boyfriend." His lips fold against each other for a moment, his brain absorbing what he's just done. "Justin, this is Debbie Novotny, Michael's mom. And my second mom when I was growing up."

Debbie eyes Brian up and down. "Boyfriend. Uh-huh." Then she focuses on Justin, thinking back. "I served you and Michael bacon cheeseburgers a few weeks ago. He was trying to warn you about Romeo here. Obviously, it didn't work."

Ted chokes on his drink. "Obviously."

"Hi, Debbie." Justin smiles at her.

"Now look at this tiny angel," Debbie baby talks into the stroller. "Does she come with you, Justin? Hell, that's a dumb question! Of course, she does. She looks just like you . . . almost. Well, with a different color sk-"

"Jesus, Ma!" Michael cringes. "Do you have to be so fucking blunt?!"

Brian laughs and pats Mikey on the head. "Debbie, this is Melissa Victoria Taylor. Missy, for short. Her mother's been Justin's best friend since grade school. She's coming to pick her up pretty soon."

"You guys are gonna love Daphne." Justin finds a picture of her holding the baby in his wallet and shows it to everyone. "She's really a great mother to our daughter."

Emmett volunteers to explain Justin's gay dad story to Debbie, with intermittent details supplied by Ted.

"Well, good for you, honey." She leans down and kisses Justin on the cheek, leaving a smudge of red lipstick behind. "You may be the most mature eighteen-year-old I've ever run across. Michael and Brian were still jacking off to magazine photos of Patrick Swayze when they were your age. This is one lucky little girl. And she truly is gorgeous. I didn't mean anything . . . before . . ."

"Okay, Deb," Brian rescues his surrogate mother before her foot becomes further lodged in her mouth. "How about some lunch? Justin's gonna collapse from starvation if he doesn't get something to eat." He excuses himself to go to the men's room, kissing Justin good-bye as if he's leaving for Siberia.

Justin looks over and smiles at Michael after they give Debbie their orders. Hoping at the very least for a détente in the Cold War, he thinks he sees a softening in his position. "Oh, that's Daph!" Justin takes the vibrating phone out of his pocket and flips it open, reading her text and quickly typing his reply. "She'll be here in ten minutes. She just had lunch with her friends at Chez Armand's, and now they all want to see Missy. Daphne's gonna come and get her and show her off."

Brian returns from the bathroom, followed by a random member of gay Pittsburgh he just can't shake. "No," he tells him again, sliding back into the booth.

"Come on. Saturday night at Babylon. I'll make it worth your while."

Brian smiles at Justin and throws an arm around him.

Justin cocks his head sideways, eyes fixed on Brian's. "Who's this guy?"


"Hey! I'm not nobody," Nobody says. "Don't you remember me? A few months ago in Woody's? You were checking me out."

"Is that true?" Justin questions Brian.

"Probably." Brian pulls Justin back onto his lap and kisses his lips. "Tell him to fuck off."

"Fuck off."

Nobody sneers in Justin's direction. "Who's this guy?"

Michael, Emmett, and Ted can't resist, looking at Nobody and responding as one. "His boyfriend!"

"Your boyfriend?" Nobody laughs. "You're Brian Fucking Kinney! You don't do boyfriends. You're supposed to fuck me and kick me out. It's the eleventh commandment!"

"Why don't I kick you out right now?" Brian waits for Nobody to stomp off, then he turns back to Justin and, for once, doesn't kiss him. Their eyes lock together in tacit communication, just as they had the night in Babylon while banishing tricks and igniting electrical sparks from somewhere deep within. Justin may only be eighteen, yet, as Debbie said, he's wise beyond his years. Brian may be much older, but he's a spontaneous soul, chasing the high only Justin can produce. He, in turn, is youth at its carefree best.

"Here you go, boys. Eat it while it's hot!" Debbie hands out four Pink Plate Specials and is just about to give Brian his plain turkey sandwich when Daphne walks up beside her. "Daphne, right? You sure have one beautiful baby here." She smiles down at Missy and then back to her mother, who's spent the whole morning getting all dolled up.

Justin gives Daphne the once-over as if he's straight. He stands up and takes her hand, hardly recognizing the girl who's thinner and more attractive than she's been in about ten months. "Wow! You look great, Daph! You've gotta meet everyone." Still holding her hand, he gestures to Debbie, Michael, Emmett, and Ted as he introduces each one.

Brian waits for his turn to talk. "Daphne, you look hot!"

"Thanks, Brian. Sorry Justin had to bring the baby this morning. I told him I didn't have to go today, but he- "

"Did you have a good time?"

"Well, yeah, I did."

"That's all that matters. The little princess was in good hands. I fed her and gave her a pink teddy bear and learned all about the sticky tabs on her Pampers."

Daphne looks at Justin, her eyes full of questions.

"It's a long story. Are the girls out in the car?"

"Uh-huh. They can't wait to see her. I should get going." Daphne smiles at Debbie and the guys. "It was nice to meet all of you."

"Let me get my sketchbook." Justin digs down to the bottom of the diaper bag and takes out the one item that rarely leaves his side. He tells Brian he'll be right back and heads toward the door with Daphne and Missy.

"Who was that standing by your table when I came in? I saw him walk away like he was pissed or something."

Justin holds the door open for Daphne as she pushes the stroller out onto the sidewalk. "Nobody."

"Brian, he's-"

"He is, isn't he?" Brian answers Emmett.

"I think I'd gladly fork over a year's salary to be you for just one day."

"I know you would," he answers Ted.

"I'm so proud of you!"

"I'm fucking proud of me, too!" he answers Deb, giving her a peck on the cheek before she disappears into the kitchen.

"Where's he going?"

"To transfer the baby seat from his car into Daphne's car," he answers Michael.

Michael looks into Brian's eyes and cracks a smile. If having a boyfriend makes him happy, Michael figures he can learn to live with it. It's not like he hasn't always known that Brian considers him a brother and can't think of him any other way. "So . . . she's really cute. Justin's best friend. It's obvious how close they've always been."

"Like us?" Brian grins back at him. Thank fuck Mikey's coming around. "You should hear them together. They sound just like us." He steals a french fry off of Justin's plate and pops it into his mouth.

"I saw that." Justin sits down again and eats half of his lunch in three minutes flat. Then he pokes Brian in the ribs with his elbow. "Ready?"

"Yep." Brian reaches into his pocket, leaving enough money on the table to cover their portion of the check and a big tip for Debbie. "Later, guys."

The guys shake their heads and laugh. It must be fucking nice to have an eighteen-year-old pretty boy needing to get into your pants that badly. Ted decides to keep his year's salary. He thinks he couldn't even handle it.

"Later." Michael waves at them after they scoot out of the booth, making eye contact with Justin to signify the end of the Cold War.

Ted sneaks a peek at Justin's ass. "Much later."

"See ya, Bri." Emmett winks at his friend, calling him Bri just to provoke him. "Come by Torso tomorrow, Justin. I'll hold back a few little dresses for Missy."

Brian and Justin walk out of the diner side by side, each circling an arm behind the other's back while the Pittsburgh Daily News typesets the morning's headline.


. . . . .

Justin pulls up in front of Brian's building and grins at him over in the passenger seat. "Race you up the stairs. Winner gets to top in round two!" Throwing his Explorer into park, he outruns Brian to the ground floor door, waiting impatiently for him to unlock it.

Brian nearly pulls a muscle sprinting up the six flights of steps, his lanky frame beating Justin by a couple of seconds. Some incentives serve incredibly well.

"You're fast. I guess you top today."

"And every day after that, too." Brian opens his door and leads Justin into the bedroom by the arm. "God, I've wanted to fuck you all morning." Undressing him slowly, Brian's hands glide over Justin's bare shoulders, his mouth seeking out the sensitive place below Justin's ear. "Still want to be tied up?"

Justin flashes his left wrist in front of Brian's face. The one that's been sporting his shackle around it all morning. "What do you think?"

"I think we have some business with leather to take care of." Brian's smile lights up his whole face, his clothes landing on the floor within thirty seconds. "Lie down in the middle of the bed on your back." He fastens the other manacle around Justin's right wrist and ties him to the headboard. "Sure you want to do this? You won't be able to get free until I untie you. It's a weird feeling."



"Do you care about me?"

"How could you not know how much I care about you?"

"Would you ever hurt me?"

"I will never hurt you, Justin. That's a promise." Brian lies beside him and kisses him tenderly. He wraps his fingers around Justin's dick, tugging it into a beautiful pink erection. Then he leans down and licks and sucks on its spongy head.

Justin shivers with anticipation. "Please fuck me, Brian. You're making me insane.

"Now you get what bondage is all about." Brian stares into Justin's eyes as he strokes himself stiff and rolls on a condom. He lubes Justin's hole and drapes his knees over his shoulders, pushing into him with one long thrust. His balls slap against Justin's ass while he fucks him for what feels like hours, Justin's come spilling out onto his stomach just before Brian tenses up and fills the condom.

"I can't believe you can fuck me like that." Justin slides his legs off of Brian's shoulders after his racing heartbeat slows down. "There's only one more thing I want."

"One more thing? I think I just gave you everything I had."

"To hold you."

Brian slips out of Justin and carefully removes the condom. "That can be arranged."

Justin's arms hurry around Brian's body as soon as they're freed. He kisses Brian's lips and sucks on Brian's tongue, but that doesn't keep his thoughts from turning into words. "I know you won the race up the stairs, but-"


"You don't even know what I was going to say."

"You want to fuck me."

"Well . . ."


Justin wrinkles up his forehead. "That's it? An adamant no?"

Breaking out of Justin's arms, Brian moves over and sits on the edge of the bed. He reaches for his cigarettes on the nightstand and lights one. "I'm a top. You're a bottom. I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Justin turns on his side and props up on one elbow, staring at Brian's back. The emotional distance between them smarts more than he thought it would. "Nothing's broken, Brian. I just thought . . ."

"Let's talk about something else." Brian takes a long drag and blows the smoke out slowly before he twists around to make eye contact with the guy he promised to never hurt. "I'm not trying to be an asshole, Justin. It's just . . ." He extends his arm out toward him. "Come here."

Justin clasps his hand, whatever offense he'd taken losing its bite when Brian's grip tightens and he pulls him close. "Don't worry about it. I like things just fine the way they are." He inhales on the cigarette while Brian holds it to his mouth.

Brian hesitates for quite awhile, finally deciding that Justin's worth an explanation. "The idea of your dick up my ass does appeal to me. It's just, um, well, you know I've never had a boyfriend before."

"Yeah, I know."

"I've always been the one to . . . Shit! I don't have to tell you I've fucked just about everyone in this burg before I met you."

"Slutty Brian. I've heard of him."

Yeah, well, I'm still . . ." Brian sighs, grinding the cigarette butt into the ashtray on his nightstand. "I've never been fucked, okay? My ass is probably tighter than yours was that first night. Frankly, I'm a little, you know, scared." He peers into Justin's eyes, one shoulder raising with a mind of its own.

"Been saving yourself for me?" Justin throws his arms around Brian's neck and kisses him with a loud smack.

Brian laughs. "Guess I have been. But-"

Justin presses a fingertip against Brian's lips. "Hey, when you're ready, you're ready. Even if you're never ready, that's all right, too, because you know why?" He stands up and pulls Brian toward the bathroom by the hand.

"Because you love being my bottom boy?"

"Because I love being your bottom boy in the shower!"


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