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Title: Vice Versa
Author: later2nite
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Justin and Daphne are on the brink of becoming parents when Brian enters the picture. An angst-free little AU, comprised of equal parts canon and non-canon. How many twists can you spot, accounting for the title?
A/N:Many thanks to techgirl_on_ij for rising above and beyond the call of a normal beta,
without whose help this fic would literally not have been possible, and whose porny brain rescued it from dullness in several instances.



"So, Daph, should we call it a day?" Justin finds her walking two steps behind Missy's stroller while Molly pushes the baby around the perimeter of the backyard. He nods at his sister and then catches Daphne's eye. "Is she being a major pain in the ass?"

"She's great. But we're giving Missy swimming lessons as soon as she's walking. Just so you know."

Justin glances over at the pool. "I'm thinking of teaching her myself."

"As long as she learns. I am getting kind of tired. Can you walk with them while I pack up?" Daphne rubs her temples and smooths an unruly strand of hair behind her ear, suddenly looking and sounding to Justin as if she were much older than her eighteen years.

He chases a fleeting thought through his head that asks if he's chosen a life for them she might not have necessarily chosen. "That's it for today, Molly," he snaps. "Push her back up to the table."

"Why? I wanna push her some more. Missy likes it. I don't wanna stop yet." Molly's just about to turn away from the patio for another lap around the yard when Justin grips the handles and overpowers her. She looks up at him and frowns.

"I told you. That's enough." He parks Missy by his mom's and Dorothy's lawn chairs and puts the brake on her stroller. "You can help me by picking up all her toys you've scattered everywhere. Daphne's gonna sit here and relax before we leave."

"Thanks, Justin." Daphne pecks his cheek and plops down onto the chaise lounge. She couldn't have asked for a better gift.

"Molly, I want you to leave the baby right here while I get her bottles together. Do not move her." Justin knows his sister's wheedling skills are top-notch. He doesn't want Daphne to have to deal with it right now. "Molly?"

"O . . . kay." She stuffs Missy's toys into the diaper bag after glimpsing the raised eyebrow Jennifer aims at her. Then she's off and running, turning cartwheels out on the grass and practicing her cheerleading jumps.

Brian laughs when Molly eventually worms her way onto his arm, swinging her around in circles so fast she's dizzy as he stops and her feet touch the ground again. Then he springs into action a few minutes later while Missy starts wailing in the middle of the good-byes. Propping the baby onto his shoulder, he leaves Daphne an empty stroller to push and waits for Justin to grab her bag. "I knew you'd quiet down after we got you out of that thing," Brian tells Missy on their way to the back gate.

Drooling away on his shoulder, she couldn't agree more. "Gaa."

. . . . .

"Thanks again for babysitting, Dorothy. I hope she wasn't in one of her fussy moods." Justin opens the car door for Daphne's mom and gives her a hug before she gets in.

"Oh, she definitely knew you were gone, but we managed. I think it's so cute how she wanted to go to Brian the minute you guys came home."

Daphne rolls her eyes and laughs. "She's got him wrapped around her little finger. Justin and I are trying to unspoil her, but he's not making it any easier." Kissing her mom good-bye, she waves as Dorothy drives off.

"What a night!" Justin takes Daphne's hand while they walk back toward their apartment. "I still can't believe Brian won. And you!" He grins at her. "I don't even have to ask if you had a good time. Mike . . . Mark . . . what's his name? He was all over you. I hope you gave him your number!"

"It's Matt. And yeah, I learned from you and Brian not to repeat that mistake. He definitely has my number. Do you think he's gonna call me?"

"He totally will." Justin kisses the back of her hand. "Now aren't you glad we forced you to come with us?"

"Uh-huh. I just thought you and Brian would like a night to yourselves."

"We have lots of nights to ourselves. He really wanted you to come. Hell, he would have taken your dad with us if he hadn't been out of town on business!"

Daphne eyes her best friend sideways. "Are we just gonna pretend Brian didn't pull you up there with him when he was making his acceptance speech, kissing the hell out of you and declaring his love in front of the whole banquet hall? It was so romantic! And Debbie was so proud of him. She had a tear in her eye when I glanced over at her."

"God, Daph, I was so embarrassed. I could feel myself blushing." Justin's ears redden again at the mere thought. "Did I look like a goddamned fairy?"

"You looked like a man in love."

Practically cringing, Justin doesn't even want to go there. But it is Daphne. "What Brian did tonight changes everything, Daph, you know? We've spent half a year telegraphing that stuff to each other with our eyes. We don't need to say it. But now . . . What am I gonna do? Fuck! I wish he hadn't done that."

Daphne's face morphs into one big question mark. "Oh, my God, Justin. Are you saying you haven't even told him you lo-" She doesn't finish because she opens her door and finds the most adorable sight she's ever seen. Stopping in her tracks, Justin nearly runs into her from behind. "Check this out," she whispers to him.

He peeks over her shoulder and grins. "Shh. Don't wake them up. I gotta get a picture." Taking his phone from his pocket, he clicks a few shots of Brian sound asleep on their sofa, one leg dangling down to the floor while their seven-month-old daughter snoozes peacefully on his chest, his open palm pressing securely on her back.

Justin knows what he's going to sketch for his next assignment at PIFA. Sneaking in and quietly closing the door, he and Daphne grab beers out of their fridge and kick back at the kitchen table. True to form, they're obsessing over the latest cute guy to hit their radar when Brian starts to stir.

Careful not to disturb the sleeping princess, he twists his head toward the table. "Crushing on the smoking hot bartender, Daph? Martin, was it? I hope you gave him your number."

Daphne laughs and goes to scoop Missy off of his chest. "It's Matt. And yes, I gave him my number. I just hope he calls me."

"He'll call. He didn't look like an idiot." Brian yawns, creeping up in back of Justin's chair when Daphne walks down the hall to put Missy in her crib. Leaning over his shoulder, his hands inch down the front of Justin's body. "Hey."

"Mmmm." Justin's head rolls backward as Brian's fingers reach his lap. "Don't make me hard out here." He angles an arm behind himself and pulls Brian lower. "Wanna sleep here tonight? We can go to bed right now."

"Or maybe we can do Babylon for awhile. Celebrate or something? I am Pittsburgh's Ad Person of the Year, you know."

"Or that." Justin stands up and kisses Brian before he goes to change. "I still can't believe you won! I guess that's what happens to admen who don't have bad ideas. They win Ad Person of the Year awards!"

"Thanks to Roy." Brian slips back into his shoes. "It was all because of The Sports Authority campaign. Ryder making me partner. Moving into the corner office. Winning the award. I seem to be having a very good year."

Daphne comes back and picks up her beer. "Brian, Missy's out cold. How did you get her to sleep so fast? My mom said she was in one of her moods while we were gone."

Arms lifting nonchalantly from his sides, Brian shrugs and folds his lips together. "What can I say? She adores me. Do you think you guys will be okay if I take Justin to Babylon for a couple of hours?" He grabs his jacket and tie from the back of the couch and tosses them over his shoulder. "Then we'll come back and sleep here. You won't be alone too long."

"Geez, Brian! You're almost more protective of us than Justin is. You two go. Celebrate your big night. Missy and I will be fine."

"Are you kidding?" Justin struts out of his room after swapping his dress slacks and sport coat for ass-hugging Levi's and a black transparent sleeveless shirt. "She wants us out of here so she can talk to Matt in private when he calls. Don't you, Daph?"

"Ooohh, Matt!" Brian squeaks. "What a dreamboat!"

"Asshole. Take your boyfriend dancing already. And whatever else it is that goes on at that club. Do you guys really think he's gonna call me?"

"He'll call," Brian and Justin singsong together just before they land simultaneous smooches on either side of her face.


. . . . .

Brian lobs his keys to Justin as they near his Jeep. "You drive."

"Tired after all that excitement at the banquet? Posing for all those publicity shots must have been exhausting." Justin looks over his shoulder and starts to back out of the parking space. "Aahh! Brian, what are you-? Ooohh!"

Brian's into his jeans and groping for his dick before Justin pulls out onto the street. "What? You're the only one who can sit over here and blow the driver of this thing? No underwear. I knew it!"

Justin comes in Brian's mouth on the way to Babylon. Twice.

. . . . .

"Here he is! The man of the hour!" Ted tips his beer bottle in salute as Brian and Justin fight their way up to Babylon's crowded bar. "Way to go, Bri."

Justin smiles at Ted, raising his voice over the blaring music. "He hates it when people call him Bri."

"Oh, Justin! That see-through shirt looks fabulous on you!" Emmett claps his hands in delight. "Aren't you glad I held it back for you?"

"Yeah, I love it, Em. Thanks. And all the little clothes for Missy, too. It's great to have a personal shopper!"

Emmett kisses his well dressed friend on the lips, his arms draped over Justin's shoulders.

It takes Brian about three seconds to remove them. "Yeah, thanks, Emmett." He lifts an eyebrow. "Now I only have to pay two bodyguards to keep the studs and bears off of him." Hooking his forearm around Justin's chest, he reels his boy backward into himself, his cock covertly teased through his suit pants when Justin sticks his ass out and rubs against it.

Emmett laughs and goes back to his pink cosmo. "Congratulations again, Brian," he says between sips.

"A shot of Beam and a Mich Lite chaser?" Michael asks Brian. "Let me get your first round. What are you drinking, Justin?"

"Guess I'll have a shot, too. What the hell!"

"Hey, my best friend here is Pittsburgh's Ad Person of the Year!" Michael brags to the bartender when he orders. He points to Brian, who's turned Justin around in his arms and seems to be lost within his mouth. "So, Emmett, how about that filet mignon? What a classy awards dinner, huh?" Michael polishes off his beer before Brian and Justin come up for air.

"Thanks, Mikey." Brian reaches blindly for the bar, clearly under Justin's spell. Tossing back his shot, he gives the other one to Justin and waits while he gulps it down. Then he places his hands on Justin's shoulders from behind and follows him onto the dance floor.

Michael shakes his head, Ted snorts, and Emmett sighs. "We need boyfriends," they mutter amongst themselves, watching the Brian and Justin show.

"That's the last thing on his mind right now," Michael says when Ted informs him he's drinking Brian's Michelob Lite. "Didn't you see that look in their eyes? All they wanna do is fuck."

Ted and Emmett turn to each other, mock pouts on their faces. "We really need boyfriends!"

. . . . .

Brian kisses Justin amid the throng of half-naked dancing men, the top four buttons of his dress shirt undone and his sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Swaying with him to the thumping beat, he presses his thigh between Justin's legs and smiles, pushing forward on the small of his back with a wide-open hand.

Clinging to him so tightly he'll never let go, Justin grinds his erection into Brian's femur because he just can't stop. Gnashing his crotch around in small circles, he imperceptibly humps Brian's leg, his heart rate soaring and his breaths becoming more irregular by the second. Softly gasping, he feels the first drops of come spurt out of his slit.

Brian crushes their chests together, pushing his leg back against Justin's pulsing cock and kissing him deeply while he makes him come. Holding him during his quiet explosion, nothing exists in the crowded club but their stopped moment in time.

"That was fucking hot." Brian drags Justin into Babylon's dark den of iniquity by the hand and finds them a spot along the wall. He slides Justin's jeans down below his hips, lapping at the come on his dick and balls.

The image of Brian Kinney on his knees in front of his boyfriend is one that more than a few of their horny back room neighbors can't ignore. Mesmerized, they watch Justin's fingers thread through Brian's hair, his eyes closed and his head thrown back while his cock springs to glorious life once more.

Brian inches back up to Justin's face after he licks him clean, realizing they've become the main event. "They can't wait for me to fuck you. Would you rather get out of here?"

Justin unzips Brian's Gucci suit pants with the ruined knees, grasping inside for his dick. "I can't wait for you to fuck me. Let 'em watch." He kisses Brian's lips and strokes his cock up and down, grinning when it hardens in his hand and doubles in size.

His groin aching for Justin's sweet little ass, Brian finds a condom in the pocket of his loosely hanging pants and starts to work. He rolls it down his shaft and turns Justin to face the wall, smearing his hole with lube from the packet. Then his middle finger slowly disappears between Justin's perfectly round cheeks, penetrating his body and wiggling around inside of him.

Justin begs for more than Brian's finger. "Fuck me. Come on, Brian!" Stretching and burning, he takes Brian's cock down to its base, crying out when the swelled, fleshy head starts to bump his prostate gland with rapid jabs.

"I'm gonna fuck you all night, Justin. All fucking night!" Brian reaches around for Justin's dick as it juts straight up, jerking it while he slams into his ass repeatedly. Soon driving himself over the edge, he shudders when he feels the rumble in his balls. Grunting while he fills the condom, Brian never loses his hard-on, fucking Justin with a still-stiff cock all the way through his orgasm. Focused solely on one thing, he smiles when his fingers become slick. "Come for me, Justin," he pants, tugging his dick faster and ramming his ass harder.

"Jesus Christ, Brian!" Justin's hole spasms around Brian's dick while he comes. Shivering, he soaks Brian's hand with his milky-white fluid. "I can't believe you can fuck me like this!"

"Like this?" Brian thrusts one last time and slumps onto Justin's back, shooting strings of come into the condom again. Nuzzling the side of his neck, he sucks on it and leaves a mark.

Tuning out their admirers' thunderous cheers and applause, all that's left is their own private world. The one that's been ideal in every way for six months now. The one that Brian has to fuck with a second time in the same evening.

He carefully pulls out of Justin's ass and ties off the condom. Turning him around, he kisses him and bends to whisper in his ear. "I love you, Justin."

. . . . .

"Having fun yet?" Michael asks his flushed and sated friends when they make their way back up to the bar. Glancing at Brian's knees, he laughs. "How come we heard what sounded like a standing ovation in the back room a few minutes ago?"

Brian orders two bottles of water for the ride home. "We're gonna head out. Daphne and Missy have been alone for awhile."

Michael checks his watch. Twelve forty-five in the morning. He remembers the days when he and Brian would close the place down. "Kind of early, isn't it?"

"I think we've done enough dancing and fucking in here for one night." Brian grins at his boyfriend, throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Haven't we, Justin?"

"Uh-huh." Justin blushes, laying his head on Brian's chest.

. . . . .

"This thing's so tiny compared to the shower in your loft." Justin squirts body wash on Brian's back and works it into a lather, bumping his elbows against the tiled walls in his own annoyingly confining stall shower. "Your designer bathroom is so cool."

"This is actually pretty nice for your first apartment. You should have seen what I rented before I bought the loft." Brian rinses his back and takes the body wash from Justin, soaping him up in return. "Besides, this doesn't have to be, you know, permanent. Maybe we should . . ." He searches Justin's eyes. Yep. There it is. Forever. Right where he's seen it a thousand times before. ". . . talk about the future." Brian takes Justin's face in his hands under the steady spray of hot water. "Our future. Together."

Justin's breath catches in his throat. Hanging his head, he fixates on their wet feet.

"What's wrong?"

Justin hesitates as long as he can, still looking down. "I don't know," he finally says. "I guess it's . . . it's just that I . . . I've never wanted to jinx it by talking about it. Our future. Together."

"Ahh." Brian understands more from that statement than he ever has. "Like with other things, too? You don't want to jinx . . . our love?" He waits for Justin to raise his head up and look at him. "I know you love me, Justin."

Lacing his fingers together behind Brian's neck, Justin kisses him the way he likes to be kissed. Slowly, with a probing tongue, pulling back slightly to mine his eyes and then doing it all again. Pecking his lips one more time, he turns off the water and grabs the towels, handing one to Brian.

"The silent thing. I get it." Brian pats himself with the towel, stepping out into the steamy cubicle Justin calls his bathroom. "I know we don't have to say it, but the words just flowed on their own tonight. It was like I couldn't hold them in."

"I noticed. Even if it was ridiculously romantic." Justin runs his towel over his skin and tosses it on the floor, following Brian out of the shower. "Brian, you know how I feel about you. What we have is beautiful. Rare. Fragile. I don't want it to ever change. I want time to stand still. I want to never leave this place where we are right now."

"This apartment bathroom with the fogged up mirror?"

Justin laughs. "God, I sound pretty fucking dumb, don't I?"

"You're so smart it's scary, Justin. I want to be you when I grow up. Come on." Brian steers him out of the bathroom and onto his bed. Lying across it sideways, wrapped up in each other's arms, his vision of the future won't quit. "I'm serious. I can see us buying a home together out here in Southern Hills. Like the one you grew up in, only bigger! With an entire wing for Daphne. And a huge bedroom for Missy with an adjoining playroom. And us . . . we'll have a suite of rooms all to ourselves. What do you think?"

Justin thinks he's died and gone to heaven, his love for Brian screaming in his head. He slides down between Brian's legs, licking and kissing every inch of his cock before he takes it in his mouth and sends him to heaven, too. A perfect ending to a perfect night.

Well, almost.

When Justin crawls back up to Brian's face, he sees something in his eyes he's never seen before. A longing? A longing to be filled? It washes over Brian in the form of intense desire, and it doesn't go away. He's ready. For Justin's hard dick, to be exact. It came out of nowhere, but he's ready.

Brian scoots over to the edge of the bed and finds what he needs in the nightstand drawer, turning back to Justin and dropping a condom in front of him. He grabs the bottle on Justin's dresser and hands it to him. "Lube me up. Extra lube. Extra, extra lube. I'm a virgin, you know."

Justin's eyes bug out of his head. "Fuck! You mean it, Brian? You've never . . . Oh, my God! Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure?!"

"I'm sure. And I kind of need you for this, so can you freak out later?" Brian holds Justin's eyes with his own as he lies back down with him. "I want you inside me," he whispers.

Justin watches Brian roll onto his stomach, clutching a pillow and folding it under his arms and chest. Not believing what's happening, he spreads lube on Brian's ass and works a wet finger between his cheeks, gently poking at his hole. Brian's exceedingly tight asshole that he wants Justin to fuck. Getting harder and bigger by the second, Justin pushes the tip of his finger into Brian's body and hears him gasp. "You okay?"


Justin rubs his finger around Brian's rim and dips it in and out of his hole, burying it deeper when Brian raises his hips. "You're so goddamned hot like this, Brian." Sheathing his raging hard-on with the condom, he holds his breath and nudges Brian's ass with the swelled head of his cock. He closes his eyes when he eases it in.

Brian tenses up involuntarily. "It hurts. Does it always hurt?"

"A little. But that's a part of it." Justin thinks of his first time and the way Brian treated him. "Try to relax your muscles. I'm gonna go slow." Waiting for Brian to adjust to his dick up his ass, Justin inches in a little at a time and starts to fuck him with long, even strokes. Feeling the walls of Brian's ass squeezing his throbbing shaft, he wills himself not to come.

Soon rocking back and forth, Brian learns what bottoming's all about when Justin's cock scrapes his prostate over and over. Who knew getting fucked by your eighteen-year-old boyfriend could feel so good? Rearing backward into Justin's dick with a steady rhythm, he erupts on the duvet in a matter of minutes.

Getting Brian off with only his dick inside of him is more than Justin can take. His balls tighten and his body quivers. "Brian?" he whispers, pouring streams of come into the condom. "I'm so in love with you!"

. . . . .

"Cynthia?" Brian picks up the phone on his desk and pages his longtime friend and personal assistant in his best daddy voice. "The princess and I need some cookies and milk in here. Think you can help us out?"

"Sure, boss. Cookies. Coming right up." Cynthia checks her watch, hoping the cafeteria in Ryder-Kinney Advertising is still open. If not, she'll be hitting the nearest convenience store.

"And milk."

"Right. And milk." And wet wipes, she mumbles to herself. She's been through this routine before.

"Thanks, Cynthia." Brian swivels his desk chair around to face Missy, smiling at her with outstretched arms.

"Bwiiaan, we have cookies?" Missy abandons her search in the toy box behind his desk, the mate to her plastic high heels still buried beneath a mountain of playthings. She hobbles to him in her dress-up outfit with one high heel flopping on her two-and-a-half-year-old foot and the other one comically bare, climbing onto his lap. "Daddy says no cookies."

"Daddy . . . Hmmph . . ." Brian taps her nose with his index finger. "I won't tell him if you won't."

"No tell!" Missy giggles and hugs Brian's neck, her sandy-colored wavy hair falling around her face in semi-uncontrollable curls. "Bwwiiaan, where Mommy and Daddy?"

"They went shopping for Mommy's pretty white dress. Remember? You get a pretty white dress, too, and you get to drop flower petals down the aisle at the wedding."


"When Mommy and Matt get married."

"Bwwiiaan, where the cookies?"

Brian laughs and kisses her forehead. "Missy, you know what? I think it's time you learned how to say Brian the right way. You're the smartest little girl in the world. I know you can do it."

"Bwwiiaan. I say it." The floppy high heel falls off her foot, landing somewhere under his desk.

"Bri-an. Try it again. Bri-an."


"Did somebody order cookies and milk in here?" Cynthia sweeps into Brian's office with a tray of sugar cookies and two pints of milk. She looks at him while she sets it down on his desk. "You've got about ten minutes before Justin gets here. Remember the last time you took her out of day care and brought her down here and fed her cookies?"

"Don't worry about Justin. I'll take care of Justin." Brian glances at the time. "I thought they were getting back around four."

"He called in to the day care about an hour ago. Told Laura he was coming to pick her up early and not to put her down for a nap."

"No nap," Missy manages to get out through a mouthful of cookies. "You have one?" She holds a sugar cookie out toward Cynthia, displaying the good manners she's been learning at home.

"No, sweetie. You and Brian have them. Thanks, though." Cynthia points to her watch and makes eye contact with her boss again, hoping to save him from the wrath of the Cookie Police.

"I got it. I got it." He shoos her back out to her own desk. "Missy, what do we say to Cynthia?"

"Thank you, Cyn-si-ah." She licks her sugary fingers and pats Brian's nose with them.

Laughing, he runs a wet wipe over his face. "Okay, let's try it again. Bri-an."

"B . . . Br . . . Bw . . . Brriii . . ."

"That's good! I knew you could do it!" Brian opens one of the milks. "Here. Take a drink." Handing it to her, he doesn't care one bit when she spills a few drops on his silk tie. "Can you say it again?"

"Brrii . . ." She can't seem to get any further.

"Yay! You did it!" He claps and hugs her. "You're so smart!" Clearing their afternoon snack off of his desk, he stashes the remains on a side table just as Cynthia calls from the outer office.

"Um, boss? Justin's on his wa-"

"Daddyyy!" Missy squeals when Justin walks in. Scooting down from Brian's lap, she runs into his waiting arms. "No nap at day care!"

"I know." Justin whisks her up to his face and kisses her chubby little cheek. "I told Miss Laura you didn't have to have one today. What are you doing down here in Brian's office?"

"Cookies and milk," she rats them out.

"I can smell that." Justin sets her back down on her bare feet. "Why don't you take off your dress-up clothes so we can go home? I'm gonna talk to Brian for a minute. Where're your shoes?"

"Bri's desk." Missy crawls around by Brian's feet, holding up the toy shoe when she resurfaces.

"Not your high heels. Your tennis shoes." Justin shakes his head as Brian nears him. "Brian, you know I don't like it when . . . Mmmm . . ." The warning evaporates into thin air after Brian pulls him close and kisses the side of his neck.

"Daphne find a wedding gown?"

"I think she's got it narrowed down to about fifteen!" Justin laughs. "She's gonna bring Dorothy with her tomorrow to help her decide 'cause I've gotta finish my painting. The buyer wants it by the weekend." Taking a deep breath, he's not worried about meeting the deadline. "It's so much easier to work now that I've dropped out of PIFA. Do you know how much this guy offered the gallery just from viewing my other pieces hanging in there?"

"After the check you wrote to Pitt for Daphne's next semester, it better be a small fortune."

"Hey, Daph really wants to be a pediatrician. I'm so proud of her for sticking with it."

Brian pulls Justin over to his desk. "Look at these brochures. We need a few of these contractors to come out and give us an estimate on the addition to Daphne's side of the house. I'm hoping we can have it finished before she and Matt get back from their honeymoon. Wouldn't that be a cool wedding gift from us?"

"It really would be. Maybe whoever we hire can knock the wall down between the guest room and my studio, too. I need more space, and that would double it." Justin goes up on his tiptoes and locks lips with Brian.

Missy carries the teddy bear she finally found in her toy box over to the couch. "Daddy kiss Bri," she tells him, bending his legs to make him sit.

"And maybe they can install that Jacuzzi spa we want in our bathroom!" Justin grins, kissing Brian again.

Missy leans close to her teddy bear. "Daddy kiss Bri lots."

Justin slowly separates from Brian's mouth, his forehead wrinkling up. "Is she calling you-?"

"Bri! Isn't it great? I knew she'd get it right one of these days!"


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