later2nite (later2nite) wrote,

LETTING GO -- B/J double drabble

letting go.jpg

Title: Letting Go
Author: later2nite
Word Count: 200 - Double Drabble
A/N: Written for the prompt 'Weddings and Funerals' at QAF Drabbles on Insane Journal
A/N 2: You've got to use your imagination with this pic.
Think of it as age-enhanced to the point of Justin being 60 years old and Brian 72.

They arrive by limousine and file into the church, distinguished gentlemen clad appropriately in dark colors. Time has slowed them down considerably, Brian's knees causing him discomfort most mornings and Justin's eyesight poor.

"I have to attend," Justin announced over breakfast the morning he'd spotted the obituary in the newspaper.

"Naturally," Brian had agreed, leaning into his husband with a kiss to the side of his face. Some gestures never get old. "We'll go together."

Now Brian absorbs by osmosis the closure that washes over Justin as they sit listening to the eulogy, shoulders pressed together, staring straight ahead.


It hits Justin in the gut while he stands at the grave site watching the casket lower into the earth. The source of his pain, inflicted a lifetime ago and randomly returning to haunt him as his youth had slipped into advanced age, has been silenced forever.

His hand reaches for Brian's down at their sides as the last clump of dirt is thrown onto the pine box by a grieving family member of the deceased. "I'm glad I can't remember," he whispers into his ear.

Brian sighs. "I still can't forget."

Returning to their limo arm in arm, blessed peace has arrived.


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