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Title: Better Than I Know Myself
Author: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
A/N: Written for the Evil Kinney Girls project for guavejuice's birthday.

Prompt - 'Trespassing'. I chose - 'Better Than I Know Myself'.

Happy Birthday, Vered! May your special day be filled with happiness and love.

A/N 2: This is the third chapter in the continuing series entitled: "THE NEW US STORIES".

Previous chapters:

1) Decisions

2) The Best Time Of Our Life


"This has been a whirlwind of a day!" Justin gushed, marveling at the view of Central Park from his penthouse picture window. "Brian, come and look at this. You get off on breezing into town and taking charge of everything, don't you?" he laughed.

Creeping up behind him, Brian's arms encircled Justin's waist, drawing him backward against his lanky frame. "I get off on you," he murmured, his lips brushing lightly over the sensitive skin just below his boyfriend's ear. Resting his chin lazily on Justin's shoulder, he gazed with him at the incredible scenery before them. "Tomorrow we start apartment hunting, but tonight- " His rapidly swelling dick poked at Justin's ass through layers of worsted wool and denim. " -tonight, we celebrate."

Justin's body reacted from head to toe when Brian playfully nuzzled the side of his neck. Shuffling them toward the bed, he agreed an all-out celebration was in order. "The new us," he uttered confidently, daring the concept to stick around and make itself at home. Clothes flying, their freed cocks hardened, leaking with every kiss.

Palms skimming reverently over Justin's chest, Brian's fingertips massaged his erect nipples. "Fuck! I've missed this," he whispered into his silky hair, then, "I've missed... you," escaped more audibly. Fucking self-discovery, he mused, grinning smugly at how painless it had become to share. Reaching for one of the condoms he'd dumped on the nightstand shortly after they'd been shown into the elegant Four Seasons suite, Brian held it in front of Justin's face. "Put it on me," he smiled, his cock bobbing in anticipation.

Justin pumped Brian's dick a few times, sucking the pre-cum noisily from his fingers. "I've craved tasting you for so long, Brian. You don't know how tough it was for me not to turn around and head back home after the first two days here." Rolling the condom down Brian's long shaft, his hole physically ached to be filled with it. "Fuck me!" flew frantically out of his mouth as he turned onto his stomach, spreading his legs and lifting his ass.

"Christ!" Brian groaned, smoothly bending to jut his tongue between Justin's parted ass cheeks. He licked the crack of his ass down to his balls and back up again several times, drenching it with his saliva. Grasping for Justin's pulsing dick, Brian pushed his tongue as far into his hole as it would go, jacking him off and tongue fucking him at the same time. His condom-wrapped cock screamed for attention.

"Jesus, Brian! That feels so fucking good!" Writhing around, Justin ended up on his hands and knees, taking Brian's cock down to the base with one long shove, clenching his muscles around it tightly.

Drops of hot, milky fluid moistened Brian's hand as he tugged and twisted Justin's pink, throbbing cock, smearing the slick, natural lube around its head. He felt Justin quiver with pleasure when he rubbed the pad of his thumb into his slit. Jamming the tip of his ramrod-hard cock into Justin's prostate over and over, Brian gasped for air as his balls tightened, his cum boiling up and out of them in endless spurts. "God! Your ass!" he panted, squeezing Justin's slippery dick with just the right amount of pressure until it shot cum all over his hand.

Justin's body trembled, every nerve ending pinging in unison. Collapsing onto the bed in a sated heap, he couldn't stop smiling. "That was... fucking great," he simply moaned, unable to engage his brain in anything more strenuous.

Carefully dislodging his spent dick from Justin's round, fleshy ass, Brian tied off the condom and fell on top of him. He licked at the cum on his fingers then ran them softly over Justin's lips, shivering when his warm tongue emerged to lap at his own emission. "I swear to fuck, Justin, your ass is so tight! It's unreal! If I didn't know better -" Squinting, he folded his lips together for a brief moment, a bit surprised by the effect his next thought had on him. "- I'd say you haven't been fucked in, say, eight weeks?" His eyes locked onto Justin's, his time frame anything but random guess work.

Justin blinked slowly, giving a slight shrug. "If you didn't know better? Why is that so hard to believe? Tricking isn't much fun without you, you know!" Wiggling onto his side to face Brian, he grew serious. "I still can't believe you're here," he said softly, kissing Brian's eyes, nose, and chin. "That we're here. In this kickass hotel. Starting over. You've made your prince so happy."

"Yeah, well, I figure if you're brave enough to set out on this mission, the least I can do is be here for you while you conquer this fucking art world of yours." Stroking Justin's forehead, Brian gently swept the mussy yellow hair from his eyes. "Besides, I... I didn't like my life with you not in it. I knew you needed to be here if you were ever going to make it in this business, but letting you go? I wasn't prepared for what it would do to me."

Justin forced himself to lie quietly. Listening to Brian spill his guts was something he could definitely get used to. A fleeting image of life with a partner who wasn't emotionally dysfunctional floated through his mind, the sheer normalcy of it all exciting the hell out of him.

" know? Justin?" Brian paused, furrowing his brow. "Where'd you go?"

"The future."

"Is it any good?" Holding his breath, Brian wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer to that. The extreme absurdity of his trusted mantra, No Apologies, No Regrets, was suddenly illuminated, every occasion he'd ever had to disappoint Justin, intentionally or not, showing up at that moment to taunt him.

Justin interlaced his fingers with Brian's, bringing their clasped hands up to his lips. "It's better than anything I could have imagined," he whispered, slowly kissing each of Brian's fingers. "It's better than anything we've ever known. You're gonna be amazed."

Guessing he must have done something right during the past five years, a sigh of relief emanated from Brian's pores. It felt fucking fabulous to be starting over with this young man who'd taught him how to love. He'd always been so sure of himself and his tactics, knowing precisely what he'd needed to do at all times to preserve the impenetrable Brian Kinney. But now...

"It's better than I know myself," he avowed, celebrating his profound insight with a great big sloppy kiss onto Justin's mouth.

The End

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