later2nite (later2nite) wrote,



Title: Wedding Day! (excerpted from Vice Versa)
Author: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: NC17

Brian's roused out of a deep sleep by Justin's tongue tickling his rim and dipping in and out of his hole. Gradually stirring, he parts his legs and murmurs into his pillow. "I was dreaming it was our wedding day and you were licking my ass before you fucked me awake."

Justin coats his early morning hard-on with lube and works its swelled up head through Brian's first ring of muscle. "Happy to make your dreams come true. Especially on our wedding day." He glides the rest of the way in with one push, pumping slowly at first and then quickening his pace when Brian raises his hips off the bed and starts to rear backward on every thrust. Soon jamming the head of his cock into Brian's prostate over and over, he feels the tug in his balls. Slamming Brian's ass for the last time, Justin memorizes the vivid hues darting around behind his eyelids while his dick explodes.

"Fuck, Brian! I fucking love fucking you every fucking morning!"

"Good thing that's your job."

Collapsing in a heap, Justin leaves soft little kisses up and down Brian's back. He sighs and lays his chin on Brian's shoulder. "Remember the zillions of condoms we went through the first year?"

"I heard Trojan went out of business when we started fucking raw. What made you think of condoms?"

"I don't know." Justin rolls off of Brian and lies beside him, peering into his eyes. "I guess because every time I slip my bare cock inside you, I fall a little more in love with you. I just wanted to tell you that."

Struggling to corral his emotions into a manageable lot, Brian takes Justin in his arms. "The first time I fucked you without a condom, I cried."

"You never looked more beautiful to me." Justin's hand snakes in between them and grasps Brian's rigid cock. He jerks him a few times and then crawls down to take him into his mouth. Deep-throating Brian's oozing dick, Justin sucks him to the verge of eruption several times before he finally drinks every drop of come out of his body.

Brian shudders through his pleasure, hardly believing they'll be married before the end of the day. "I love you, Justin. I choose to love you every day for the rest of my life."

Hoping he never wakes from this dream, Justin inches back up to Brian's face. "We need to shower and shave. We have a wedding to get to!"


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