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Title: Taking A Chance On Love
Author: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Timeline: 15 years after 513
A/N: written for the Evil Kinney Girls birthday project for pam81.
Happy birthday, Pam! Hope you have a great day, filled with happiness and love.

"Brian! No more candy for Jesse! Don't you remember his last sugar high?"

Brian glanced toward kitchen, where Justin's concerned voice came from, and rolled his eyes. "He's no fun, is he?" he asked Jesse, secretly handing off a few more Skittles to the slightly hyper tyke.

"Nope!" Jesse bounced up and down on the couch a couple of times before Brian's inner parent kicked in.

"Hey, slow down, buddy. No choking on those things, okay?" Brian pulled some construction paper and kid-friendly markers out of the toy chest in the corner and sat Jesse down at the dining room table. "Why don't you draw something for me?"

Justin poked his head into the dining room and grinned. "Dinner's almost ready, you guys. Who's hungry?" The sight of Brian and Jesse spending quality time together always warmed his heart.

"Me! I hungry! I hungry!" Jesse shouted, raising his hand and shaking it like crazy.

Brian sidled up to Justin in the doorway, nipping at the sensitive skin below his ear. "I love your cream sauce," he whispered.

"Later." Justin squeezed Brian around the waist. "Can you set the table?"


"Let's see your picture." Justin smiled at Jesse as he scooped a glob of mashed potatoes onto his plate.

Jesse picked up the paper. "I not finished yet," he said, digging into his dinner.

"This is really good!" Justin bent down and kissed the top of the towheaded moppet's head. He could have sworn his mom had old Polaroids of himself at Jesse's age stashed away somewhere. The likeness they shared was astonishing. He sat down to eat and handed the picture to Brian. "Have you seen this?"

"I sure have. Actually, it's better than good. It's fabulous!" Brian emitted a little snort at the thought of two artists in the family. Heaven help them! "It's got to be his Taylor genes. How could he not inherit your talent, along with all the other Taylor traits he was born with?"

"I guess." Justin laughed. "Yet his Taylor genes don't prevent you from molding him into a miniature Brian Kinney, do they? Do you realize you've dressed him as your twin today?"

"Hey! We had to look in three different stores before we found size 4T wife beaters and designer jeans!" Brian ruffled Jesse's hair, still not believing the ludicrous wad of cash he'd dropped in OshKosh B'Gosh earlier that afternoon on children's clothing. "You like your new image, don't you, buddy?"

"Uh-huh." Jesse looked down at his shirt. "I got cool clothes on!"

"He does look cute, Brian. I'm officially putting you in charge of his wardrobe from now on."

"I thought you'd never ask," Brian deadpanned. "We can't have him growing up in baggy cargoes."


"It's amazing, isn't it?" Justin sighed into Brian's chest, leaving soft little kisses on his husband's bronze skin. So many years together, and he still felt as awed by the man as he had the first time he found himself lost inside his magical gaze.

"Amazing," Brian agreed, fondling Justin's perfect bubble butt under the covers of their king-sized bed. "Every fuck feels like the first time!"

"No!" Justin laughed and shook his head. "I mean that we're still so damn happy. Did you ever imagine our lives would turn out so good when you proposed all those years ago in front of the fireplace downstairs?"

A beautiful stillness permeated Britin's master bedroom. Its occupants pondered the many ups and downs they'd weathered during the course of their twenty-year relationship, the ridiculously romantic commitment ceremony they'd invited family and friends to witness when Justin came home to the Pitts for good signaling their readiness to face together whatever life would dish out. They'd worked through the bad and reveled in the good, wisely cherishing each day and each other.

"We've been fucking lucky," Justin finally whispered, wiggling his way down toward Brian's dick to bestow his daily dividend.

"Yeah, we have." Brian pulled his partner back up to his face. "We took a chance on love, and we won."

Kissing and groping, rutting and panting, early Sunday morning sex was always mind blowing in the Kinney-Taylor household. Unless it happened to be one of those early Sunday mornings when-

"Christ! Why does he always wake up at the crack of dawn?" Brian whined, the clatter being made down in the kitchen by a small person causing the rapid deflation of his hard-on.

"He's hungry," Justin groaned, his stiff dick suffering the same fate. "Don't worry. I owe you a blow job. And you know I always deliver." He kissed Brian's lips and rolled away from him. "I need to get breakfast started."

"He's hungry." Brian pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why am I not surprised? Another manifestation of the famous Taylor genes."


"Mommy!" Jesse cried at the top of his lungs, jumping down from the table and into her outstretched arms. "I don't wanna go yet. I finish my waffles?"

"Sure, you can finish eating. Did you have fun this weekend?"

"Yes!" Jesse hugged his mom. Then he climbed back up into his chair and swished a forkful of waffles through the puddle of maple syrup on his plate.

"Hi, Mollusk." Brian stood up and gave his sister-in-law a peck on the cheek. "Sit down. Want some coffee?" He glanced at his watch. "You're early. We thought we'd have time to go swimming later." He refilled Jesse's milk glass and then sat back down beside him in front of his own plate. "We had plans for today, didn't we, buddy?"

"Hey, sis." Justin walked over to the breakfast nook with the coffee pot in his hand. "This kid is eating us out of house and home. Are you guys starving him or something?" He poured her a cup of espresso and finished up his toast.


"Here you go." Justin handed Jesse's backpack to Molly. "I think I've got everything. If he's missing anything, he can get it next time."

"Thanks, Justin." Molly smiled and hugged her brother. "You guys are so great to give Richard and me these weekends to ourselves."

Brian raised an eyebrow and smirked. "We know how important alone-time is. Don't we, Sunshine?"

"Brian!" Justin's fist landed squarely in the center of Brian's toned stomach, Brian grabbing at it after flinching in mock pain.

Molly giggled. "Say bye-bye, Jesse." She reached into her purse for her keys.

"Bye-bye, Uncle Brian!" Jesse sang out, hugging him around the neck when Brian bent down to his level. "I love you."

"Come here, you!" Justin swept his nephew up into a tight bear hug and kissed his cheek. "We love you so much! We'll go in the pool next time you stay with us. How does that sound?"

"Fun! Love you, Uncle Justin!"


"What?" Justin turned around when he felt Brian's eyes boring into his ass from behind, clearing the breakfast dishes suddenly not so important.

Brian took the dirty plates from Justin's hands and set them back on the table. "Alone-time. You and me." He kissed his husband's jawline, his lips tickled by Justin's morning stubble.

Justin looked up and smiled. "Calling in your debts?"

"Mmm-hmm." Brian led Justin over to the staircase by the hand. "You owe me."


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