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Title: Lesson In Love
Author: little_sister
Coauthor: later2nite
Beta: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17

chapter one


Pumping Brian's cock a few times, Justin used the flat of his tongue on its underside to lick a stripe from root to tip. He lapped at the pearls of pre-come gathered in the slit on the plump, flushed head before whirling his tongue around it several times. Sliding his mouth over it, he didn't stop until his nose rested in the nest of dark hair at its base.

Brian bit at his bottom lip, eyes focused down on his student with the amazing mouth, enjoying the ministrations being applied to his hot flesh. "Christ! Fuck!" he hissed out between gritted teeth when the head of his cock poked into the back of Justin's throat and he felt the boy hum around it. Slumped slightly against the door behind him, he cupped Justin's bobbing head as he swallowed his leaking dick, sucking in earnest.

Slowly building up a steady rhythm, Justin heard Brian gasp and moan as he showed off his natural cock sucking talent, not gagging once at the intrusion. Brian's erotic sighs were music to his ears.

Soon stopping him in fear of shooting his load down his throat, Brian wanted to be embedded in Justin's ass when it happened. He knew his body too well, and the signals it gave that his climax was near. Gently grasping at his soft, sunshiny strands of hair, Brian peeled Justin's mouth from his cock and angled his face to look up at him. “Okay, Taylor, now take me out of this world,” he rasped, his eyes dark with want.

Justin stood up, his eyes equally dark with desire. “Yes, Professor Kinney. But first... kiss me.” His mouth had barely uttered his professor's name before it was ravaged by the man - a man he just had to have, no matter what. Clinging to him tightly, a small whimper from the pressure of the kiss escaped his lips.

“Where?” Brian murmured, slightly separating their mouths. He saw that Justin's was red and puffy from the thorough kissing he'd just unleashed upon it.

Justin had seen a low, wide, armless chair on his way into the office that would be perfect for what he had in mind. "Over there," he pointed, groaning with anticipation. "On the chair. I'd like to ride you, Sir.”

Brian liked the idea of Justin riding his cock. “Let's do it.”

Slowly stripping, they each caressed and kissed every inch of skin on the other's body as it became exposed until they stood before one another completely naked, impatient to be joined. Brian lead Justin by the hand over to the chair, a soft smile on his face.

“You got any protection?”

“Yes, Mr. Kinney." Justin flushed at the question with a slight nod. "And I'm ready, too,” he admitted shyly.

“Sounds like you've had this planned from the start,” Brian smirked, arching an eyebrow.

Glancing at him timidly from under his bangs, Justin nibbled at his bottom lip and nodded again, taking a box of condoms and bottle of lube from his backpack.

Brian sat comfortably on the chair, instantly reaching out to touch Justin when he returned to straddle him. Feeling him shiver under the caress, he took a condom from the box when Justin handed it to him and laid the rest to one side. "Here. You can put it on me," he said after tearing the foil wrapper open with his teeth. "Go ahead. Slip it on my dick."

Working Brian's cock in readiness of the condom, Justin rolled the sheath down over it and applied some lube to help ease its entrance into his body. When they were both prepared, he placed his hands atop Brian's shoulders and lifted himself up, Brian holding his cock still as he lowered his ass down onto it inch by inch.

Rolling his lips into his mouth, Brian knew he wouldn't last very long when Justin gripped his shoulders and rested his forehead against his with a sigh. His large hands wandered over Justin's thighs and hips, stopping to cup the tight, ample ass his dick was buried in.

"Ready?" Justin asked with a kiss to Brian's lips, happy to be stretched by his cock and feel his fingers biting sharply into his ass. Starting with a slow hip roll when Brian nodded his answer, he was soon rocking them forcefully back and forth.

“That's...fucking good, Taylor,” Brian groaned. Rocking his own hips, their mouths met in a messy kiss. “Do it again,” he pleaded, Justin readily complying by increasing his speed.

His hard dick scraping up and down on Brian's flat stomach, Justin left a trail of pre-come smeared all over it. “ it...Mr. Kinney?" he panted. " me fucking myself...on your cock?”

“Fuck, yeah, I do! good,” Brian moaned, planting his face into Justin's neck and covering it with kisses and licks. Working his mouth down to his shoulder, across his throat, and up to his waiting mouth, he kissed him hard and heatedly, Justin wrapping his arms around his neck as he held him down by his hips.

"You like that?" Brian grunted when he hit Justin's secret spot, thrusting up into the tight, dark warmth.

Justin cried out in ecstasy, writhing restlessly on his lap when he kept at it. “God, yes!”

Brian smirked. “Want more?”

Grasping at Brian's head, Justin glared into his face, their mating turning animalistic. “Fuck me!”

Gasps and moans filled Brian's office as they bit and sucked on any skin that came near their mouths, the hot air leaving it warm and damp and slick to the touch. Brian's hand soon crept towards Justin's cock.

“No. Wanna come like this,” Justin sighed, rubbing his face against Brian's. “So close, Sir. So fucking close.”

“Me, too.”

Justin's whole body tensed up a second before the first shot of cum spurted out of his cock. His inner muscles tightened and squeezed Brian's dick while his orgasm rolled through him, Brian's own climax not far off thanks to the lusty boy.

“Come for me, Mr. Kinney. Let me see,” Justin whispered into his ear, slowly descending from his high. He simply loved it when Brian shuddered his cum into the condom after two more hard thrusts, a grunt, and a long, silent breath. “Beautiful, Sir. That was just beautiful.” Justin watched in awe as he rode out the waves of his orgasm. The man was perfect in every way.

Sitting quietly as their bodies slowly returned to normal, they savored the moment a bit longer, neither caring about being wet and sticky.

Brian was first to eventually speak, his voice rough around the edges. “That was exactly how you described it...Taylor.”

"My brain's so scrambled, I've forgotten what I said,” Justin admitted with a soft laugh, nuzzling along Brian's chin.

"You said being buried deeply in your ass would be out of this world, and it fucking was. I'm sure I saw fucking stars!”

”Oh, right. I did say that." Justin smiled slyly at Brian's messy hair and the pleasantly sated look he sported. "What about the blow job? Was it heaven, as promised, Mr. Kinney?”

"I'd definitely give you an A+ on your Oral, Mr. Taylor.” Leaning towards him, Brian pressed a kiss to Justin's lips.

“And my Practical? How would you grade that?”

"That...needs some more work. Maybe I can help you practice on it later. At my place?” Brian quickly tacked on.

Justin's expression lit up. “Yes, Sir!" He glanced at the clock above the filing cabinet. "I guess we'd better get dressed now?”

“Right," Brian sighed. "We've taken a big risk by doing it in my office.” Kissing him again, he held the condom in place while Justin carefully lifted himself off of his softening cock. He laughed at the supplies in his hands when he walked over to his backpack and fished tissues and wet wipes out of it. "You must have made one hell of a boy scout," he ribbed him, rolling the used condom off of his cock and into the tissue Justin had handed him.

“There's nothing wrong with being prepared," Justin avowed, beginning to clean himself up and get dressed. He winked at Brian as he wiggled his feet into his trainers.

Reaching for a wipe, Brian stood up, silently lauding the effort Justin had put into planning his afternoon. "Want me to pick you up?" he shrugged after he'd pulled his clothes back on.

“That would be great, Sir. I guess you um...”

Handing their phones to each other, their numbers were added and saved before they swapped them back with broad grins on their faces. “I'll get your address when you call to say you're ready to come over, okay?” Brian cupped Justin's face, his thumbs brushing over his flushed cheeks. Bending, he kissed him lightly.

“Uh huh. I'd better go. I still have another class to get to," Justin said after returning the kiss and hoisting his bag over his shoulder. Heading towards the door, he unlocked it and hesitated for a moment in the opening. "I' you," he quickly promised.


Justin looked over his shoulder, his smile radiating from his features. “Later, Professor Kinney,” he nodded, hurrying out and closing the door.

Sighing audibly, Brian turned to his desk and started to sort through what he'd need for the remainder of his day. "Pure sunshine," he uttered under his breath, looking forward to that evening when he could put teaching behind him.

And fuck Justin Taylor again.

chapter three

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