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Title: Lesson In Love
Author: little_sister
Coauthor: later2nite
Beta: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: AU
Rating: NC17

chapter one

chapter two


Justin stepped out of his shower, draping the towel around his slender hips. Somehow making it home to the apartment he shared with Daphne, he'd been fixated on Professor Kinney during the entire walk. The amazing man had turned out to be everything he'd always dreamed of, even surpassing the fantasy he'd been jacking off to for the past month. Patting himself dry, Justin glanced into the mirror above the sink.

"Holy shit!" he blurted out in disbelief, his spontaneous reaction quickly turning prideful at the many red marks his neck and shoulders bore. Wondering where else on his body he'd find the physical reminders of his earlier encounter with Brian, Justin hurried into his bedroom to have a look into the full length mirror on his wardrobe.

Sure enough, he found evidence on his chest and ribs. Dropping the towel for further inspection, small bruises were visible on his hips. When he twisted around, he spied them on his ass cheeks, too, Brian's grip as they'd fucked imprinted on his flesh. Justin pressed lightly on the sore spots, his cock hardening at the memory of their tryst. His hole still felt tender, yet he was more than pleased that his little scheme had finally become a reality after plotting it for weeks.

With his cock now jutting nobly from his body, Justin placed a cool hand around its hot shaft. “Fuck,” he murmured, slowly jerking his dick. Imagining it was Brian's, it filled out even more when he remembered the sight of Brian's naked body and the sensation of his touch. How he ached for more!

Lost in pleasure, he was abruptly interrupted by the sound of the apartment door being opened and promptly closed again. "Shit!" Justin crumbled against the side of his wardrobe, the thought of Daphne being home destroying all hope of his impending orgasm. He knew she'd want the rundown on what had happened in their professor's office, not satisfied until he complied with full disclosure. Quickly stuffing himself into his underwear and jeans, he tried to cover up his hard-on.

“Justin? Justin, are you here?”

He took a deep breath, leaving the privacy of his room to face his best friend. “I'm here, Daph,” he called out, his devilish smile foretelling his story.

“Spill it! You got Professor Kinney to fuck you, didn't you? Come on! Tell me!” Daphne flopped down in the nearest chair, her backpack thudding on the floor at her feet. She'd been anxiously waiting to hear Justin's tale all afternoon, a huge grin plastered across her face during her last two classes.

Justin shook his head, slumping bare chested into the chair beside her.

“Oh my God!” Daphne shouted, the love bites on his skin all the proof she needed. “You got laid! You two did the nasty! I want details, and don't you dare skip a thing... not even one minute fact!” she warned, settling in comfortably to listen.


Brian did a fast scan around his office to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything and then stepped out, locking the door on another day. Notes for future lessons he planned to give in his briefcase and papers to mark tucked under his arm, he strolled down the empty corridor, every bit the learned professor his colleagues and students alike had come to know and respect. Fuck! That Justin Taylor is one hot piece of ass! seemed to be all the erudite man could wrap his brain around as he made his way out to the faculty car park.

Nearing his Corvette, a jolt of electricity surged through Brian's body when his cell phone chirped its signal of a new text. He pulled it from his pocket and smiled unabashedly, proud of the shred of dignity still intact that kept him from replying until he sat in his car and closed the door. Retrieving Justin's address from the screen, he typed out IT'LL TAKE ME 20 MIN and hit SEND. Ready to work on your Practical, are you, Mr. Taylor? Brian laughed to himself, visions of the young man and his hot ass invading every corner of his mind's eye.

Turning the engine over, he gunned it a little harder than necessary, mulling over the afternoon as he pulled away from the university's grounds. Fucking a student in his office had certainly been risky, but after weeks of lecherous looks from Justin and sly touches when he'd mischievously ask for help with tasks any mildly intelligent eighteen-year-old would take in stride, the sexual tension between them had been building. All the racy innuendos peppering Justin's conversations after class and during chance meetings on campus hadn't helped either, the anticipation of flat out taking the naughty boy finally reaching a boiling point.

Maneuvering along the busy roads to Justin's apartment, Brian's cock grew at the thought of how the lad had taken charge of the situation and ridden him on the low chair in his office, and how it had felt to be buried inside of his tight channel. Another go at it sounded like a fabulous idea.

Soon locating the apartment building, he parked out front, his swelled cock leaking pre-come when he saw Justin emerge with his trademark sunshine smile decorating his face. “Hey,” Brian greeted him when he climbed into the passenger side of his car, intruding into his personal space to kiss him. “Ready to work some long, hard hours, deep into the night?”

Justin flushed a little at the question. “It'll be a pleasure to work under you... Sir,” he responded in a sensuous voice that went straight to Brian's dick.

Christ! Brian raised an eyebrow at the beautiful boy. How can this be happening? he wondered when Justin's left hand rested just above his knee, pinching suggestively every so often. He placed his own hand over Justin's after a few minutes, sliding it up to his dick. "Keep it company till we get to my place," he smirked, said dick straining to break free of its confines.

“I'd love to.” Justin's smile never faded, his fingers wrapping around the hard shaft and squeezing with varying degrees of strength. The rest of the journey was marked by quiet eagerness, only their bodies speaking nonstop to one another.

Once behind the closed door of Brian's loft, they sprang into action, launching themselves at each other after practically throwing their stuff down. “I've been thinking about you, Taylor,” Brian growled into Justin's mouth, the draw toward him too strong to contain. “Fucking yourself on my cock...” his voice trailed off as he kissed him hungrily.

Justin gasped when Brian's hand cupped his ass, aligning their cocks and grinding them together. “Did you like it, Sir?" he whispered, peering up into Brian's face. "Did it make your cock hard when you thought of me riding you?”

“You know damn well I did, Taylor." Brian's lips brushed lightly over the side of Justin's neck. "What are we going to do about my cock?” he added, his pulsing hard-on poking into Justin's crotch.

“You could fuck me, Sir, if that would help.”

“That's a fucking good idea.” Brian shuffled Justin over to the sofa, peeling off their clothes in the process and tossing them aside, neither of them caring where anything landed. Both down to their black briefs, they fell into a tangled heap on the couch, passionately making out.

Justin's fingers pried themselves into Brian's underwear, grasping his still leaking dick. “What a big boner you have, Mr. Kinney!”

Gently biting his earlobe and sucking at the crook of his neck, Brian dragged Justin's arms above his head and leaned in for a long, slow kiss, humping his palm blissfully. Stopping himself before he came in Justin's hand like a fucking teenager, he stripped them completely and reached into the end table drawer for a condom and lube. Brian looked down at Justin. “Have you prepped yourself again, Taylor?”

"Yes, Sir." Justin grinned impishly. "I didn't want to wait for you to fuck me again.”

Brian rolled the condom onto his dick. “And you realize you're taking half my fun out of it by doing that? This means you'll have to be punished.”

“Oh! Promise? What are you going to do to me then, Sir? Spank me?” Justin's eyes lit up at the thought of Brian doling out his punishment.

Brian nodded, right before he grabbed the incorrigible kid and joined their bodies and mouths wildly. "Want you, Taylor," he groaned, unable to quench his desire for the boy. “So badly.” Hanging Justin's legs over his shoulders, Brian inched his hard cock all the way into his asshole, soon pounding into him with a steady rhythm. "Fuck! That's good! So tight. So fucking tight." Plunging his tongue down his throat and his cock up his ass, a deep moan slipped from Brian's lips.

Justin's asshole clenched around Brian's dick. Fucking him fast and furiously, his prostate gland was bombarded with every stroke. When they reached their orgasms simultaneously, Justin yelled out Brian's name, shooting long strings of come up onto his chest.

“Holy... fucking... shit!” Brian grunted, all but collapsing on top of his young lover.

Justin sighed, unable to manage much more, beads of perspiration sparkling on his pale face.

“So glad you enjoyed it, Taylor.” Placing a kiss onto Justin's forehead, Brian's power of recall started to kick back in. "I believe you addressed me as Brian in the throes of passion," he said, folding his lips together endearingly. Holding the condom in place, he withdrew his spent cock from Justin's ass and slowly removed his legs from his shoulders.

"Oh my God! I'm really sorry, Professor Kinney! I didn't mean any disrespect, Sir. I just..."

"Justin?" Brian smiled kindly, interrupting him mid-rant.


"I think you've earned the right to call me Brian, just as I think, somehow, this isn't the last time we're gonna fuck." The corners of Brian's mouth turned upward, a sweet expression radiating from his luminous eyes. "So... which would you prefer?" he inquired. "Another round, or food?"

"Oh, definitely another round, Brian." Justin grinned at him slyly. "After the food! I'm famished!"

Pulling Justin with him as he sat up, Brian chuckled. "Food it is, then," he agreed, slinging an arm around his shoulders. "Shall we order Thai?"

"Before you spank me, or after?"

Brian just knew there was something special about this Justin Taylor.

chapter four

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