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Title: Lesson In Love
Author: little_sister
Coauthor: later2nite
Beta: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17

chapter one
chapter two
chapter three


As if on cue, Justin's gut emitted a loud growl. “Sorry,” he giggled, a rosy glow warming his face and ears. He wanted nothing as badly as his earlier promised spanking, yet his stomach seemed to possess a mind of its own.

Brian shook his head. “Hmmph... Sounds like someone’s hungry. I guess the spanking will have to wait - maybe for dessert?” Standing up, he rolled off the used condom. “The menu's over by the phone. You choose, while I go take a piss.”

Stretching out lazily on the sofa for a moment, Justin admired Brian's ass as it departed towards the bathroom. It might not have been as ample and fleshy as his own, but it was still worth eyeballing, all the same. When he got up and browsed through the menu, Brian rejoined him, idly scratching his midriff so close to Justin he nearly stepped on his toe.

"See anything you'd like?"

Justin continued to study his choices. “What are you having? I've never eaten Thai before,” he admitted, a certain craving of a different sort suddenly demanding his attention.

Tapping out the number, Brian assured Justin that he'd get enough for the both of them. "When do we want it?" he repeated after relaying their order to the restaurant, looking down at the boy who'd just dropped the menu from his hand, sunk to his knees in front of him, and proceeded to suck him off. “Better make it for an hour's time," he mumbled. "Something's just come up.”

Dropping his phone onto the desk, Brian braced himself backward against it. “Fuck! So hungry you just have to eat my dick?" His fingers grabbed at Justin's hair. "I wanna fuck your mouth, Justin. That naughty, beautiful mouth of yours."

Justin nodded, settling into a more comfortable position between Brian’s long legs. Brian watched in fascination as his cock slid in and out of Justin's warm mouth, intense desire running through his body and down into his prick. Rocking his hips back and forth, he heard Justin's moan of approval when his dick swelled and lengthened on his tongue.

“You like that?" Brian held onto Justin's head, pumping his cock between his lips. "Want more?" he asked when Justin nodded again. "I could fuck your pretty little mouth forever.” Pre-come oozed from his slit, the taste reminding Justin of how right he'd been earlier in the day to describe it as heaven within his mouth.

“Taste something good down there? Now you wanna feel something good?" Brian eased his cock from Justin's mouth. “Over to the bed on all fours. We've time to use up before the food gets here.” He snatched a condom and lube from the bowl on his nightstand after following Justin to the bedroom, his dark gaze glued from behind to his delectable form, or more accurately, to his luscious ass, every step of the way. "Spread your legs wider," he murmured when Justin knelt on the bed in the position he'd asked for. "I'm going to ride your sweet ass so hard and fast you're gonna feel it for days," Brian sang, the many fantasies he'd entertained of said ass finally playing out.

"Please," Justin purred, smiling at Brian backward over his shoulder. “Thank you for helping me work on my Practical, Mr. Kinney.”

Brian smirked. “The pleasure's all mi... ours, Mr. Taylor. Just look at that eager little hole, waiting to be stretched, filled, and fucked,” he sighed, slipping on the condom and lubing up his cock. “Christ! What is it with you and your ass?” he gasped, fucking Justin for all he was worth, the whole bed shaking under them.

“My ass?" Justin panted with the impacts. "What is it with the size of your cock?”

“Can't fail with those credentials between us, can we, Sunshine?” Brian grunted, an extra hard thrust impaling Justin's ass cheeks.

Justin groped at the sheet beneath his fingers and groaned deeply. Resting his forehead down onto the bed, the new angle allowed Brian to shift slightly and ram the head of his dick into his prostate gland with pinpoint precision. “Oh, fuck," he muttered. "Harder!"

Brian yelled something indecipherable and slid his hands from Justin's hips to his shoulders, using the new hold to fuck his ass mercilessly. Raising a hand up into his hair, he tugged at it.

“Do it again,” Justin pleaded. "Aahhh, Brian! Fuck!"

“So you're into hair pulling, as well as spanking?" Brian choked out, yanking on the sunny strands between his fingers. "You're a piece of work, Justin Taylor!”

“Fuck... wanna come... wanna come...” Justin chanted, banging his ass backward into Brian's cock one last time before he shot his hot strings of come out onto the sheet below him.

“Fucking hell!” Brian shouted, breathing heavily into the back of Justin's head and filling the condom with his own load.

Both of them shaking on their knees, Brian clutched an arm around Justin's chest and pressed their upper bodies tightly together before they collapsed onto the bed flat on their stomachs. Justin collected his wits first, twisting toward Brian.

“That was great!” he cried, a satisfied grin creeping across his face in agreement.

“Aaaa - mazing!” Brian concurred, kissing Justin's upturned mouth as he secured the condom and inched his softening cock out of his ass. "Care to join me in the shower?" he added after they'd lain quietly awhile and their racing heartbeats had returned to normal. "The food will be here pretty soon."

Lathering each other up and gliding their hands over their soapy, slippery chests and arms, things soon threatened to get out of hand when first Justin, and then Brian, began to sprout bobbing erections... that is, until Justin's stomach roared with hunger once more.

“We'd better get that beast fed," Brian laughed. "I don't want you passing out on me - unless it's from the intense orgasm I give you. Obviously,” he smiled, turning off the spray and patting Justin's creamy white skin dry with one of his luxurious bath sheets.

Justin rolled his eyes cheekily. "Obviously."

“Gotta keep your strength up for your spanking, too. Ah, good timing," Brian said as the sound of the door buzzer filled his loft. "Dinner's here.”

Pulling on their jeans, Brian paid the delivery guy while Justin rummaged around in his kitchen, looking for plates, silverware, and drinks. They sat crossed-legged on the floor of the living room to eat, animated conversation and easy laughter flowing readily.

“What's going on in that head of yours?” Brian asked when they'd finished the meal and Justin had been silent for a few minutes. The fact that he truly enjoyed his company was not far from his mind.

“I think I've waited patiently for dessert long enough,” Justin said mischievously, crawling onto Brian's lap and pushing his tongue through his lips.

Brian raised an eyebrow, the odds of his hot student with the stellar ass turning out to be so perfect in nature downright astounding him. “And how many spanks do you think you deserve for this dessert, little boy?” he breathed against his mouth.

“Ten?” Justin ventured, the first number that came into his head quickly spoken.

“That's a nice round number. Like your ass. Hand or paddle?”

“Oh, hand. Definitely, your hand. I like to hear the sound of it slapping me. It gets me hard.” To make his point, Justin rubbed his dick through his jeans.

“Take off those jeans,” Brian instructed, rising from their floor picnic to plop contentedly onto the couch. He patted his lap. "Lie across me. Face down," he asserted, Professor Kinney emerging to take over, lest he miss out on all the fun. "An extra five, I think, for being so brazen," he lectured when Justin's body hummed with excitement, his cock sporting irrefutable evidence.

Justin whimpered when Brian touched his erection, placing himself across his lean thighs just so and frotting against them. He quivered at the sensation, squishing his balls into Brian's femur because he just couldn't stop.

“Such a beautiful, fuckable ass,” Brian whispered, trailing his thumb through Justin's crack, and then caressing his downy smooth ass cheeks.


“You've always been naughty, haven't you, Justin?”


“Yes. From the first day I sucked cock.”


“You like sucking cock, don't you?”


“I love cock in my mouth.”


“Is mine the best you've ever tasted?”


“Of course. I wanna suck it right now!”


“Cock whore!”


“Only for yours.”


“That's the right answer, Justin.”


“I want you to fuck me, Brian. Stick your big prick in my hole. Now!”


“You've no shame when it comes to begging for cock, have you?”


“Not an ounce. Fuck me!”


“Going to prep yourself again? Deny me the pleasure of my fingers up your ass? Smearing lube inside of it til it's dripping wet and craving my cock?"


“No! Never! I want you to do it. Please!”


“Fucking right... But first... Get down on the floor in front of me. Face down." Brian opened his jeans, freeing his leaking cock. He'd gotten hard on the second swat, thinking only of the relief he'd find by coming all over Justin's freshly smacked ass. "So hot," he murmured as Justin scrambled off of his lap and lay at his feet. "I'm gonna..." Grasping his throbbing shaft, he jerked it with rapid strokes, his balls tightening up in a matter of seconds. “Fuck, yeah! Your ass looks so good with my jizz all over it,” Brian panted when he'd shot his thick white come onto Justin's reddened ass cheeks.

Justin looked up over his shoulder, grinning from ear to ear, when Brian asked if the punishment had been to his liking. Clearly, and amazingly so, each had found his equal in his sexual appetite.

“Let's get that ass of yours cleaned up in the shower," Brian said, still leering at the beautiful sight before him. "If memory serves, someone was just begging to get fucked.”

“Your memory is quite astonishing. It positively takes my breath away,” Justin sassed, pulling himself up from the floor.

Brian lunged at him with outstretched arms, but his prey was quicker than he was, bolting toward the bathroom with a squeal. Hot on Justin's tail before he knew what hit him, Professor Brian Kinney waved good-bye to his last shred of dignity.

chapter five

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