later2nite (later2nite) wrote,

Thank you, f list!


My profile page is full of pretty bronze pencils, thanks to the following wonderful friends:

chloris01, kmacorina, mander3_swish, bibiherz, little_sister, rznbloodrose, penny_sieve, landlady_4rent, and balrogtweety.

Thank you all for thinking of me. The lovely inspirational writing tools arrived just as I'm about to begin a new project - perfect timing!!

P.S. I just received 2 more. Thank you techgirl_on_ij. I'm totally sure the pencils will help us with our fic! And thank you guavejuice for your friendship, too.

More bronze pencils! Thank you so much to rainbow1907, rangal_57, and 7wildwaysup for brightening up my profile page even more. My f list is crazy beautiful!

Thanks so much to fancypantsdylan for my bronze pencil. You're so sweet to think of me!

3 more bronze pencils have been sent to brighten up my profile page. Many thanks to balrogtweety, rulisteningbj, and masterglory. You guys are so thoughtful!


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