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I've had my in-laws staying with me over the holiday weekend and have just now logged onto LJ for the first time today. Cruising through my friend's page, I can honestly say that I'm absolutely blown away by all the gorgeous birthday posts I've found and all the fics and drabbles written by my fellow Evil Kinney Girls in honor of my big day!

I love the banner so much, Carmen, of the awesome Cha Cha reunion, and I've read that Mander is responsible for the 'dancing' prompt -- too perfect, you all say? I agree! You EKGs have done it again, and I'm in awe of your sweet kindness and friendship toward me. I'll be reading each one with a happy heart and a big smile on my face, my birthday having been made so special because of you lovely ladies.

The many v-gifts, PMs, and emails I've received in the last 2 days to wish me a happy birthday have brightened my world immeasurably, the fact that I can come here to my happy place and be immersed in such love and friendship an overwhelming feeling!

This is a general heartfelt 'thank you' for every post, fic, drabble, V-gift, PM, and email I've gotten, but you will all find a personal reply from me in the coming days to thank you for thinking of me on my birthday.

And now... off to read, smile, laugh, reply, discuss, ooh and aah over the pretty pics and warm sentiments... a beautiful way to spend my birthday night. Thank you, my friends!

I love you.


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