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Title: Lesson In Love
Author: little_sister
Coauthor: later2nite
Beta: later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


Stretching as he awakened, Brian immediately braced for Justin's usual ploy of maneuvering himself onto his body for the sole purpose of turning it into another round of fucking, but - it didn't happen. After several seconds, he peeled his eyes open, slowly turning his head toward Justin's side of the bed.


He didn't hear the shower running, nor any noises from the kitchen to suggest that Justin was fixing himself an unhealthy snack of some sort. Had the kid gone back to his own apartment? Brian wasn't entirely sure why, but he caught himself frowning as he sat up to look around the loft. In the living room, some of the lamps had been switched on. Hauling his ass out of bed to check it out, he found Justin lounging on the sofa in a pair of his old sweatpants, drawing, totally oblivious to the fact that he was being watched.

Brian nodded at the cute faces he pulled as he sketched, recognizing one in particular that never failed to arouse him. Feeling his underwear become a little snugger, he loved how Justin's pink tongue snaked out and slowly slid from one side of his full top lip across to the other. He thought about his naughty student's habit of doing exactly that in class, causing him to conduct the remainder of the lesson sitting at his desk, nursing a raging hard-on. He always wondered if the rest of the students were onto his dilemma when they saw him uncharacteristically still because it was common knowledge that he roamed the classroom as he lectured. Being periodically restricted like that put a serious damper on his teaching style.

“Hey,” Brian uttered softy, not wanting to startle his artist in residence.

Justin looked up and smiled. “Hey. Did I wake you?”

“No, not really. I was just beginning to join the land of the living when I realized that I wasn't being mauled by a certain blond who always wants my dick.” Brian found himself inching toward Justin on the couch.

“So your dick woke you all the way up because it missed me wanting my evil way with it?"

“It never needs much sleep. You should know that by now, Sunshine. What are you up to out here that couldn't wait till the morning?”

“I've been asked to provide some drawings of the human form for the college's art show next month, and I had a burst of inspiration that just wouldn't quit.” Justin openly ogled Brian. “It happens like that.”

Brian plonked down on the couch next to him. “Thanks for the warning. Human form? Like naked cock and ass?”

“Yeah, that's right, Professor, along with other body parts." Justin poked Brian in the ribs. "And the whole body, too."

“I hope they're all male parts that you're drawing, young man,” Brian warned, poking back. “Can I take a look at what you've done, Picasso?”

“Sure.” Justin handed over his sketch pad, honored that Brian was interested in his work.

“Holy shit! These are fucking good,” Brian blurted out, mesmerized by Justin's style of drawing. With each turn of the page, he knew that Lindsey just had to see his work. She'd go nuts over it.

Justin rested his head on Brian's arm. “Do you really think so?”

“Yes, I do, Justin. I have a friend who's an artist and she owns a gallery. I'd like for her to see your sketches.”

“Really?” Justin beamed. “That would be great! Thank you,” he added, placing a kiss on Brian's tanned shoulder.

Brian leered at his boy, laying the sketch book down on the coffee table. “I can think of a much more pleasurable way for you to thank me.”

“Well, then, Sir, you'd better lie back and let me show your cock how much I've missed it during the past hour,” Justin agreed, standing up and dropping his sweatpants to the floor.

Brian reclined comfortably back into the couch cushions and Justin forgot about his art.


“Just a reminder...your essays are to be in by the end of the week," Professor Kinney informed his groaning class. "Please, people. I can't mark thin air. Hey, you want the grades, you do the work, right? And to finish the day on a real good note, I thought I'd let you know that Professor Anderson will be taking my classes next week while I attend a seminar for a few days.”

More groans filled the lecture hall, Justin's head snapping up at the news - the first he'd heard of it.

“I know it sucks to have such a fabulous teacher replaced by a second-rate one," Brian continued, "but filling my shoes is nearly impossible. That's life, boys and girls.”

“Fuck,” Justin muttered under his breath, returning to his doodling on a sheet of scrap paper. He turned around when Daphne tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

“Looks like you'll be able to be my date, after all,” she laughed.

Justin thought he'd gotten out of going with her to a friend's wedding, claiming that he was going to be too busy sweating over an - an - Important School Project. “Yeah, great." He plastered on a fake smile. "Looking forward to it.”

“You're such a shitty liar, Taylor,” Daphne giggled, flopping back into her seat.

Of course, Brian had caught Justin's face when he'd sat up and paid rapt attention to his unexpected announcement. He hadn't wanted him to find out that way, but he'd needed to tell his students what would be happening, just learning of it himself that morning in the staff room. He'd read from the expression Justin had given him that he was far from happy, Brian actually feeling the same way.

He hated going to seminars, even though he recalled his past trips having had one or two perks that had helped the otherwise mind numbingly slow time elapse in a more or less pleasant way. Now that he'd met Justin, those so-called perks held decidedly less fascination and he found it particularly tough to have to go out of town. Spending time away from the young man was not something he looked forward to.

Not only had they clicked in the bedroom, but they'd soon found that they shared a love of art in all its various forms - Justin a budding artist who loved to paint and draw and Brian indulging his passion for photography. On several occasions, Brian had set up his camera to either take pictures of them posing together or to snap random shots of Justin alone. One of his favorites was a photo he'd taken of Justin when he'd been asleep, peacefully relaxed after three rounds of fucking in different locations and positions around the loft. Gazing at it always stirred memories of the scores of nameless, meaningless tricks he'd used solely for physical pleasure, the need to form a relationship with any of them the absolute furthest concept from his mind. Justin Taylor, he'd always conclude, was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Storming into his life like a whirlwind, He Meant Something.

“I'm confident you'll all manage to get through the week without too much drama,” Brian resumed, returning to his desk. "Okay, see you tomorrow," he waved when the bell signaled the end of class.

Justin purposely held back, assuring Daphne he'd call her later. He and Brian were soon left in an awkward silence as Brian lifted his briefcase onto his desk.

“Sorry,” he said, placing his things inside.

Nearing the front of the lecture hall, Justin stepped close to Brian's desk. “It can't be helped, right? We have to expect things to happen. You're a teacher, after all.”

“You looked pretty pissed when I broke the news. How come you're so forgiving now?” Brian asked, sinking into his chair and loosening his tie. When he popped the top button of his shirt open, Justin dropped his bag to the floor and walked around his desk to stand in front of him.

“Oh, believe me, Professor Kinney. I'm not forgiving you. I'm just being understanding of our circumstances.” Justin situated himself between Brian's legs with a smug smile on his face when Brian swiveled his chair to face him, opening his knees invitingly.

“Why, Mr. Taylor, are you coming on to me?” Brian watched Justin undo his jeans.

Strategically lowering them together with his briefs, Justin revealed his hard cock. “Me, Sir?" He quickly checked the back of the hall to insure they were alone. "Oh, yes, Sir. I'll come on to you any time I please,” he sassed in a low, husky voice, Brian licking his lips at the sight before him. “Oh, no, Sir," Justin practically growled, wrapping a hand around his aching dick. "This isn't for your beautiful mouth. It's for your face."

“Give it your best shot, Taylor,” Brian smirked, removing his glasses just in the nick of time.

Justin did, then helped with the cleaning up.


On the night before Brian left for the seminar, he fucked Justin twice before slipping into his robe and chasing the aroma of what Justin had cooked for them into the kitchen, the pair of them spending as much time together as possible from the moment he'd announced he was going. Sitting down with his chef to eat, he considered how his once-bare cupboards and fridge were now stocked with plenty of items - both for quick snacks and elaborate, leisurely meals. Brian smiled to himself at the thought of Justin getting wise and consulting the internet for dishes that complied with his carb rule after he'd preached once too often that he didn't eat carbs after seven and bitched about the calorie content of the things Justin threw together. He still made sure to gripe every now and then about what was placed in front of him, though, just to keep his edge.

Justin loaded the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen after they ate, then headed into the bathroom to take a shower, Brian left to sort out what he wanted to take on his trip. Soon joining him in the bedroom with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, Justin kissed Brian once on the lips.

“I was thinking..." Brian's voice trailed off for a second, a glint lighting his eyes from within. "...and don't say that's always a dangerous sign,” he warned with a forefinger poised near Justin's face.

Motioning that his lips were sealed with the twist of an imaginary key, Justin was all ears.

“You might as well stay here in the loft while I'm gone. It'll save me having to ask someone to keep an eye on the place, plus the light here is good. You know, for your art. If you wanted to work on something. Just a thought. I mean..."

"That would be awesome, Brian!" Justin cut in, sitting on the foot of the bed. “Thank you. And speaking of art, your friend Lindsay phoned me yesterday. I'm meeting up with her at the gallery in a few days. She's really enthusiastic about my drawings.” Idly rearranging the contents in Brian's open suitcase on the bed beside him, he wondrously created much more room in it.

“Make sure you ask to see her work. Lindsay's always thought she wasn't good enough to have a career as an artist, which is why she chose to work in galleries instead," Brian explained. "Her last employer left this one to her in his will. That's how she ended up with one of her own. He had no family to pass it on to.”

“Shit! What a generous gesture!"

Brian agreed. “Yeah. He'd written her a letter that she cherishes to this day, praising her for all the hard work she'd put into making it a success and asking her to continue to run it with pride." He glanced down at his bag and then back up at Justin. “Hey, when did you get so clever at packing a suitcase, twat?”

“I do have a few hidden talents, you know, Professor Kinney. Some of them aren't even confined to the bedroom.” Justin cast a seductive blink Brian's way, having learned pretty quickly which buttons to push to get a reaction out of him.

“I'm beginning to find that out, Taylor.” Brian arched a brow, pressing his lips together. “I've gained several ounces since I've let you into my kitchen, and I haven't been near the fucking gym in weeks.” He growled under his breath when Justin slipped a hand under his towel, sighing sensually.

“I'm sure we can work it off somehow, Sir.” Justin fondled his dick and balls, daring Brian to take him up on the challenge.

Brian's cock was way ahead of him, swelling and filling to protrude out from the folds of his robe. Pushing his half-packed suitcase down to the floor, he deftly disrobed and reached for Justin, disposing of the pesky towel around his waist. “By the time I'm finished with you, that ass of yours will feel me the whole time I'm away,” he vowed, pulling him into the center of the bed and pinning him down with his lanky body. Two seconds later, he swooped in for a kiss.

Justin struggled to free his arms as Brian held them down on either side of his head. When that didn't work, he dug his heels into the mattress, their naked cocks rubbing together in his attempt to pry him off.

“Desperate for my cock, Sunshine?”

“Uhm, no...Actually, I'm gonna fuck you and make you feel me the whole time you're away.” Slyly wiggling around, Justin wrested the upper hand from Brian just long enough to flip his captor onto his back, Brian wrapping his brain around the most outlandish words he'd ever heard.

“What the fuck?” he murmured, a bit stunned at his current position.

Justin hurriedly threw a leg over Brian's hips, straddling him with his full weight holding him in place. “I might look small and girly, with my hair and all, but I've got it where it counts. Sir,” he quickly tacked on, batting his eyelashes for effect.

“You little shit," Brian laughed. "I'm no one's bottom boy. There's no way in hell your dick is going anywhere near my ass, and that includes up it." He tried unsuccessfully to wrestle himself out from under his suddenly mutinous student.

“That's what a lot of tops I've fucked have said...right before they've started to squeal in ecstasy at the sensation of my long, thick cock up their asses.”

“Yeah? Well I'm not aiming to be one of them, Taylor.”

“Funny...They've said that, too.” Justin claimed Brian's mouth in one of his toe-curling kisses, scraping their cocks together even more roughly than before in the process. Sighs and moans of pleasure seeping from both of them, he felt Brian beginning to relax in his hold. Nibbling his way from Brian's mouth down to his jawline, Justin's face dropped even further, gently biting and sucking on the sensitive skin on the side of Brian's neck.

Groaning out, Brian mentally questioned the wisdom in letting Justin discover his many pleasure zones through exploration.

Sliding a hand in between their bodies and gripping both of their hard, wet cocks in his palm, Justin slowly tugged on them together. “I've learned from the master," he purred into Brian's ear, sweeping his tongue around its outer shell. "Professor Kinney.”

Brian shuddered under him, their cocks leaking profusely. He almost didn't mind the endless prattle pouring from Justin's lips.

“Your hole will look so hot with my cock filling it up...stretching it...making it burn just a tiny bit as I fuck you incredibly slowly...the head of my cock nudging into your prostate gland over and over...driving you so far insane that you'll fuck yourself on my cock until you're crazy to come...begging me to fuck you harder...”

Brian wound a hand behind Justin's head and yanked on a strand his hair, the want in his eyes unmistakable. Jerking his sweet tormentor's head backward with a sharp flick of his wrist, his command was unflinchingly clear.

“Fuck me!”

chapter six

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