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Title: Lesson In Love
Author: little_sister
Coauthor: later2nite
Beta later2nite
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: AU
Rating: NC 17

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five


Justin sighed with boredom and threw the book he was attempting to read down on the couch. Trying to get his head into the thick plot just wasn't working, the first night of Brian's absence dragging along at a snail's pace. He hated being at the loft alone. Sharing space with Brian had become so routine that it felt like a piece of him was missing while he was away.

Changing tactics, he picked up his sketchbook from the coffee table and decided to finalize his drawings for the college art show. As usual, though, he started off with great intentions, only to find himself turning over a new page and drawing yet another picture of Brian: sprawled out lengthwise across a messy bed, face down in a peaceful sleep. Justin knew he'd never tire of exploring Brian's perfect body and face, whether it was physically, through sex - or artistically, on paper.

Grabbing his cell phone, he checked for what seemed to be the thousandth time to see if he'd missed a call from Brian. Nothing. But fortunately, Daphne was only a text away. After asking if she was free, Justin grinned when he read, "yes. why?" as her reply. "gossip fest - pizza and drinks on me," he quickly typed back, their long-term friendship still indestructible. He called in their usual order as soon as, "on my way!" flashed across his screen.

Waiting for Daph to arrive, Justin scanned the loft and laughed at the ordered chaos he'd left in his wake during the past few hours. He was certain Brian would have a shit fit if he were there to see it, always insisting that his living quarters be uncluttered and clean at all times. Toying with the idea of sending a picture of the complete disarray to the neat freak just to annoy him, Justin jumped when the buzzer sounded.

“Yes?” he answered the intercom.

“It's me!" his best friend's voice came through from the ground floor. "With two extra-thick shakes and pizza. That you owe me for,” she didn't forget to add.

“Come on up, Daph. I'll have your money ready.” Buzzing her in and sliding the loft door open, Justin took out his wallet. He guessed, rather reluctantly, that he should clear his books and art supplies from the snack bar to make a place for the food.

“Jesus!" Daphne gushed as she entered the loft. "I think I'll become a teacher! I had no clue Professor Kinney could afford a place like this," she said, her eyes taking in the luxury living space. "I can see why you're not at the apartment very much these days.”

Justin gave her a peck on the cheek, reaching for the cardboard container of shakes balanced precariously in her hand. “He didn't acquire all this on a teacher's salary, Daph. Brian was a top ad exec for a large advertising company before he turned to education.”

“God! That's a bit of a step-down, isn't it?” She placed the pizza on the counter. “How come the big switch?”

“We've never really gotten into it in much detail,” Justin shrugged, sliding the door closed.

Daphne snorted. “I bet!”

“We do talk, Daphne. It's not ALL fucking, you know. Brian's mentioned his career change a few times, explaining that he just needed a new challenge.”

“Well, teaching us is certainly a challenge!” she laughed, slipping out of her coat.

“Hey! Speak for yourself. I'm his star student. I excel at my Oral, I'll have you know, as well as my Practical,” he nodded comically, wiggling his eyebrows.

“That's so interesting, tell me all about Professor Kinney's bedroom skills while we eat.”

Justin shook his head and rolled his eyes. “And they call us fags perverts. You straight girls are the worst.”

Giggling their way through an epic gab session, Justin and Daphne made themselves at home on the living room floor with their pepperoni pizza and milk shake picnic, tales of Brian's prowess in the bedroom, gossiping, and bitching in general occupying the conversation. Daphne was happy that Justin had called her to come over. She couldn't help but look at him and think that their hot professor was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time.

Her mind wandered to what a rough ride he'd had all through high school, thanks to the asshole known as Chris Hobbs, and how the only reason Justin was even sitting with her that very moment was because luck had been on their side the night of the senior prom when she'd saved his life. Screaming at the top of her lungs when she'd spied their murderous classmate sneaking up behind him with a baseball bat, she'd alerted some others in the parking garage who'd come running over just as the deadly weapon connected with Justin's head. One brave soul had tackled Hobbs to the ground and beat him with his own bat as Daphne had yelled to another to call for an ambulance, all the while cradling her fallen prom date in her arms as he bled profusely. There were times, even now, when she could still hear that sickening, haunting sound of wood against bone.

Then, there'd been Justin's heartbreak over Ethan Gold. She'd seen him through that fiasco, too, standing by and watching as he'd fallen completely for all the romantic bullshit that had tumbled from the fiddler's mouth, only to be torn apart by the lies and deceit Gold had spun each day they'd been together.

Feeling ill with one of the residual headaches his bashing would frequently cause, Justin had gone home to the apartment he shared with Ethan to take his prescribed meds and rest. Puzzled by the sounds coming from inside when he approached the door, he'd unlocked it and walked in on his boyfriend of six months fucking a trick like it was going out of style. Incensed, Justin had forced himself to calmly gather a few things he'd need to spend the night at Daph's, planning to return and collect the rest of his belongings at a time when the cheating swine would be out. The bastard had just carried on fucking his trick with a sick, smug look on his rat face, never even acknowledging his so-called boyfriend.

“ know? Daph? Where'd you go?" Justin wondered at the end of a particularly juicy tidbit of gossip he'd just shared about one of their friends at college. He noticed the faraway look on her face as he slurped the last of his shake through his straw. "Why are you looking at me like that?”

Daphne smiled sheepishly. “I'm just happy for you, that's all. You being with Professor Kinney is a good thing.”

Justin blushed a bit at his friend's words. “Thanks, Daph. I think so, too.” As if to reassure her that he was okay, he reached out and gently squeezed her hand.

She squeezed back with a knowing nod.

“Enough of the sappy stuff," Justin quickly changed courses. "Let's put on some music and finish up the pizza. And I need to know all about the new guy in your life!"


Professor Brian Kinney was bored. Fucking bored out of his skull was more to the point, and it was only his first night out of town. Heading over to the open window for a smoke, he lit a cigarette and inhaled a deep hit of nicotine into his lungs. Fucking seminars, he thought, watching the smoke disappear into the evening air. Focusing on a decidedly happier subject, he wondered what Justin was up to - either getting some required reading out of the way for a class or drawing were the two activities that immediately came to mind. Then again, Brian reasoned, he might be in the kitchen, feeding his never-full stomach. He'd marvelled quite often that someone so small could pack away so many fucking calories and not get fat. Justin's deliciously plump ass was a great place for it to be stored, Brian always concluded.

He pictured his boy in the shower, slowly washing his body, and then spread naked on the bed, jerking himself off. Brian's cock stirred in his pants at the thought of his name on Justin's lips as his orgasm overtook him. “Yeah, I know," he muttered under his breath, his hand ghosting over his swelling organ. "I miss him, too.” He knew he'd have to take care of his hardening cock before he'd find any peace for the rest of the evening.

He could have taken up some of the horny guys on the offers they'd made to him during the seminar's introduction, his pockets filling up with their names and numbers as they'd been discreetly slipped to him, but he'd retired to his room instead, preferring to be alone. He knew a couple of them were hoping to hook up again after the previous year's conference, and they were probably conveniently down at the hotel bar that very minute, but repeat performances were something he didn't do - till Justin. Justin ticked all of his required boxes now.

Brian took another drag from his cigarette, wrapping his brain around the previous night as he'd been packing to leave and how Justin had ended up topping him. Remembering the feel of the young man's cock inside him, his ass still ached slightly. Brian shook his head, a tiny grin playing on his lips with the realization that Justin had actually hit the nail on the head when he said that he might look like Meg Ryan, with his long, silky hair, but that he possessed the strength and the balls to get what he wanted. Brian hadn't told him, but only one other person in the world had ever been in his ass.

He'd not bottomed again after his virginity had been taken at the age of fourteen by his football coach, when he'd walked into the man's private shower as he'd been soaping up, dropped to his knees, and given his first blow job. Brian stubbed out his smoke and closed the window, remembering his twofold reward all those years earlier: first, a mouthful of cum, and then being led into a locked office and roughly deflowered.

Justin, by comparison, had been a very thoughtful lover, beginning with sensitive foreplay before he'd gotten to the actual fucking. Well, scratch that, Brian thought. 'Lovemaking' was more accurate. And afterward, he'd wet a cloth with warm water to clean them both up, then smeared some soothing cream around his tender asshole. Quite unbelievably, Brian realized, the experience was not something he would loathe happening again - but only with Justin, he quickly acknowledged. It wasn't something anyone else had bragging rights to...or ever would. Though many had tried over the years, only Justin could claim that privilege Brian firmly resolved.

Pouring himself a glass of Beam, he sat at the table in the corner where he'd dropped the folder of items he'd been given earlier in the day during the introductory speech. Picking up the first paper, his brow furrowed in discontent.

"Fucking seminars!" he muttered into the empty room.


An irritating noise penetrated Justin's foggy head, beckoning him back into consciousness. Where was he, again? Ah, yes. Brian's loft. Brian's couch. He'd gone back to his book when Daphne had left, promptly falling asleep after a few pages. Peeling his eyelids open with a groan, he reached for his cell phone on the coffee table.

“Hello?” he mumbled, his voice raspy from sleep.

“Sunshine? Did I wake you?”

“No, no. Just having a short power nap, waiting to hear from my very sexy boyfriend,” Justin laughed softly, shifting positions to talk.

“I'll leave you to it then,” Brian joked. "Later."

“Ha ha, Brian. I'm glad you called. I miss you.”

“Believe or not, I'm kinda missing you, too, you little twat." Brian's hand crept down into the waistband of his dress slacks at first, and then he decided to slide them off altogether to finally free his bulging dick. "Just think of the catching-up sex we'll have when I get back. The door will be locked, so there'll be no going...only plenty of coming.”

They both laughed at Brian's comment before Justin got serious. “I can't wait that long, Brian! I'm fucking horny now,” he whined, using his free hand to unzip his jeans.

“Already ahead of you, Taylor. Are you lying comfortably?”

“Yes, Professor Kinney.”

Brian switched to his teaching voice. “Good. Then I'll begin. This is the story of a young man named Justin, and like all good gay men, he loved cock.”

“Oh, this is my favorite story already!”

“Shut up and listen.” Brian let out an exasperated sigh.

“Sorry, Sir,” Justin giggled.

Brian grunted. “You will be. As I was saying, he loved cock. He loved to suck it. He loved to take it all the way into the back of his throat. He loved to ride it, hard and fast. But most of all, when he came, he loved to fall asleep with it still inside him.”

"Brian, you're not really helping,” Justin grinned, steadily jerking on his hard, leaking cock.

“You playing with your beautiful cock, Sunshine? I'm here on the bed, naked, stroking mine, wishing your talented fingers were wrapped around it.”

Justin exhaled loudly. “I'm thinking the same as of your hands on my cock, and the other one playing with my cum-heavy balls.”

“I like that image, Sunshine," Brian hummed in a low voice. "I'll have to use the dildo on you as soon as I get home. You know, the one I bought you that's a fairly good likeness of my dick?”

“Yeah, that'll be great," Justin moaned, "but I want the real thing...the one I can taste on my tongue as it leaks, the one I can feel swelling bigger and bigger the more I suck on it...”

Brian growled into his cell, “Fuck. Now, who's not playing fair? You're getting so fucked through that mattress when I get back, Taylor.”

Justin smiled, a mere breathy voice responding, “And I'll be waiting for you, Sir, naked, lubed, on all fours with my ass up in the air, ready for you to fuck my brains out.”

“Christ! You fucking little tease, Sunshine. I'm nearly there,” Brian panted. “Say...some more...”

Justin pumped his hips, his wet cock slipping in and out of his fist. “Me, too. Just tight I'm gonna your cock's gonna feel when it glides hot...tight ass.”

“Fuck!” Both men exploded at the same time, shouting out the other's name, the sound of heavy breathing and pounding heartbeats filling their ears.

“Same time tomorrow night, Sunshine?" Brian pressed his lips together, a satisfied smirk covering his face.

“Fuck, yeah!"

Rubbing their cocks very gently, the last of their little tremors subsided.

“That was fun. Now that we've relieved our pent-up sexual tension, I'm going to take a shower and call it a day,” Brian yawned.

“I'm gonna finish up the last pieces for the art show, and then sort through my portfolio. I've gotta choose the best ones to show Lindsay tomorrow. You've given me a burst of energy!" Justin laughed.

"I know your work will blow her away. And Justin, don't forget to ask to see her drawings. She'll try to put you off, but insist, okay?"

“I will," Justin nodded. "Later, Brian.”

"Later. And tell her I love Gus," Brian added offhandedly just before he hung up.

Justin stared at his cell phone, his face skewing into a massive frown. "Who the fuck is Gus?" he yelled at it.

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